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Our Website Redesign – Part 1

Posted: Aug 03, 2012 in Personal, Web Design, Web Development by John

I knew when we started the latest redesign process that it wasn’t going to be easy. Our last redesign in 2010 had set the bar higher than before and I knew this next layout was going to require even more attention to detail and must have the “Wow” factor natively built in.  I also was fully aware that this redesign wasn’t something we’d just finish and say, “OK, it’s done...” and then never change it. It was going to be an ongoing process where we continuously added and improved things. All... 

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Will Leap Motion change how we design websites?

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Technology by John

Touch screens have come a long way from their initial prototypes. Hand gestures combined with other technology has really opened the door on what touch screen devices are capable of. From the iPhone to the large assortment of tablet devices and now even desktops, touchscreens are the future. But what if you didn’t even need a touchscreen at all – what if you could control your computer naturally with your hand movements. I always think of the movie, “The Minority Report” with Tom Cruise, where... 

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