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2015 Quality Vendors Guide

Posted: Feb 24, 2015 in Personal, The Bottom Line by Mike & Blake

The Quality Vendors Guide was developed by Mike DuBose for his employees, friends, customers, and fellow Westpark land owners. The DuBose Family of Companies includes: Columbia Conference Center (, DuBose Web Group (, Research Associates (, The Evaluation Group (, and DuBose Fitness Center ( Additional personal, health, business, and travel articles may be read at Mike’s non-profit... 

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The Path to a Happy, Healthy Hundred Years Preventing Cancer—Killer #2

Posted: Apr 04, 2014 in Personal, The Bottom Line by Midlands Life

Download the Body Mass Index (BMI) Chart The first mention of cancer in historical texts took place in Egypt more than 5,000 years ago, and the disease has plagued humankind ever since. Although scientists in recent centuries have gained a greater understanding of cancer and its treatment, cancer rates across the globe are “surging at alarming rates, and there is an urgent need to implement strategies to prevent and curb the disease,” according to a 2014 USA Today article by Nanci Hellmich.... 

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The Path to a Happy, Healthy Hundred Years: Heart Disease, Killer #1

Posted: Jan 21, 2014 in Personal, The Bottom Line by Midlands Life

Heart disease has become an American epidemic. Approximately one-third of the US population (more than 80 million people) is afflicted with a cardiovascular disease, which kills 800,000 people every year—the most common cause of death in America. Cardiovascular disease also accounts for $1 out of every $6 spent on healthcare. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the major causes of heart disease include: diabetes, being overweight or obese, poor diet, physical inactivity,... 

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Dying Successfully

Posted: Jan 13, 2014 in Business, Personal, The Bottom Line by Mike & Blake

None of us are guaranteed another day on Earth. About 10,000 of the 325,000 Americans who die of sudden cardiac arrest each year are young people, according to the American Heart Association, and even pro athletes suffer deadly traffic accidents. One of our close relatives recently discovered her 56-year-old husband dead, although a medical examination one week earlier revealed no significant health problems. Her trauma deepened as she discovered that because she wasn’t listed as a beneficiary... 

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Retiring Smart: Social Security and Other Financing Strategies

Posted: Dec 19, 2013 in Personal, The Bottom Line by Mike & Blake

Read on to access a page of 20+ links to helpful retirement, Social Security, annuity, and Medicare resources. From 1946 to 1964, America’s birthrate soared, earning this time period its nickname: the Baby Boom. Now, these “babies” are all grown up. In fact, since 2011, about 10,000 Baby Boomers have turned 65 years old every day, according to the Pew Institute—a trend that will continue until 2030, when 18% of the American population will be 65 or older. Because most people leave the... 

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The Path to a Happy, Healthy Hundred Years

Posted: Dec 02, 2013 in Personal, The Bottom Line by Midlands Life

Living 100 years—an entire century!—is a real possibility for many adults today. In a May 2013 Forbes article, Melanie Haiken cites studies by the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Census Bureau, writing, “those over the age of 80 now make up the world’s fastest growing age group. In 2012, the number of Americans living to and past 100 years old rose to 100,000. By 2050, more than 800,000 people will be centenarians.” Reasons for this longevity boost are many. America’s healthcare... 

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23 Strategies for a Happy, Healthy Retirement

Posted: Nov 08, 2013 in Business, Personal, The Bottom Line by Mike & Blake

To most people, retirement sounds like a dream. After decades of work, they look forward to spending unlimited “time off” with friends and family, visiting new places, and taking up hobbies. What many fail to realize, however, is that retirement requires extensive planning and preparation—or else that “dream” can become a nightmare of boredom and depression. In fact, in a 2011 study by the Harvard School of Public Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and National Public Radio, one in four... 

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Is Heaven Real?

Posted: Jul 12, 2013 in Personal by Mike & Blake

Will our souls go on to Heaven, or will all of our thoughts and emotions simply cease with our last breath? At some point, every person wonders what will happen after death. The answer stays maddeningly out of reach—no one can answer for certain until after death, and the dead can’t communicate with us. Most people who believe in an afterlife also believe in a supreme being that reigns over it. If our existence—on Earth and after death—is really possible, was it brought about by a God? Others... 

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Getting a Great Job in a Terrible Market

Posted: Jun 19, 2013 in Personal, The Bottom Line by Mike & Blake

“I sent out 200 resumes in the last month and haven’t heard anything!” “I’ve been trying for so long, I’m about to give up on ever finding a job.” “My job makes me miserable. I do the work of two employees and they still treat me like dirt, but I’ve got to pay the bills. My best work is always criticized and I never hear about a job well done. I feel like a prisoner.” “I just got laid off after 20 years with my company. I’m not too hopeful I’ll find another job soon—companies are looking... 

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Depression: Finding the Light from the Darkness

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Personal, The Bottom Line by Mike & Blake

No one wants to talk about depression, yet at some point in life, most of us either experience it ourselves or know someone who has. Fourteen percent of Americans will experience serious depression in their lifetimes (according to Consumer Reports), and this number is unlikely to decrease. I, too, have lived with depression. Now, I want to share the story of how I passed through that dark tunnel and into the light to give hope to others who are fighting the same demons. Temporary sadness is a... 

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