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Newberry College expands with Social Media major

Posted: Feb 14, 2013 in Social Media, Personal, Technology, Web Design, Web Development by Blake

Make no mistake: social media campaigns, including informational websites, Facebook, and LinkedIn, are the future of business marketing and communications. We were honored when Blake DuBose, president of DuBose Web Group, was interviewed by WIS-TV on how social media is affecting—and will affect—our lives. Blake was invited to give his viewpoint on Newberry College’s new social media degree, which will train students in the skills necessary to enter the modern technology workforce. Not only... 

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The Dangers of a Slow-Loading Website

Posted: Nov 06, 2012 in Technology, Web Development by Blake

As web technology evolves, it allows people everywhere to find and distribute information faster and faster. One side effect of this quicker, easier access to information is that people’s attention spans are shrinking. This means that a website that loads slowly can have some pretty dramatic consequences, namely in two specific areas:  Website Viewers: I can think of several times recently that I visited a website and it didn't load within a few seconds. Each time, I gave up, clicked the... 

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Our Website Redesign – Part 1

Posted: Aug 03, 2012 in Personal, Web Design, Web Development by John

I knew when we started the latest redesign process that it wasn’t going to be easy. Our last redesign in 2010 had set the bar higher than before and I knew this next layout was going to require even more attention to detail and must have the “Wow” factor natively built in.  I also was fully aware that this redesign wasn’t something we’d just finish and say, “OK, it’s done...” and then never change it. It was going to be an ongoing process where we continuously added and improved things. All... 

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Selecting the Right Web Design Company

Posted: Sep 22, 2011 in The Bottom Line, Web Design, Web Development by Blake

By Blake DuBose and Mike DuBose “How did I ever get myself into this mess?”Who in the private or public sector has not had that painful thought? We sometimes develop partnerships based on first impressions and early conversations, only to face costly nightmares later! Of all the horror stories we have heard since starting our family of companies in 1981, many complaints (and regrets) surround technology, especially Web design. The following comments were made by angry readers and customers... 

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