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Guest Speaking Appearance!

Posted: Dec 12, 2011 by Blake

On Friday, December 2, Blake DuBose was a guest speaker at the Web Design I class at White Knoll High School. He discussed various topics ranging from fundamentals of web design, future career paths, how DuBose Web Group operates, a sample web design process, and other neat Internet marketing opportunities.

The class varied in age of students from 16 seniors, 7 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 2 freshmen. This set up for a unique and diverse interaction with the kids to get their perspective on technology. Blake commented, "It's humbling to step out of my everyday work shoes and show the students how exciting our careers really are! There's one thing I recommended to the students; whatever career path you follow: Do what you're good at and enjoy what you do."

A special thanks to the group for letting us join your class!