5 Actionable Insights from INBOUND 2018

By Hannah Armistead
5 Actionable Insights from INBOUND 2018

One thing DuBose Web really values is continuous learning - and that’s why a group of our team members made the trek to Boston a few weeks back for HubSpot’s annual marketing and sales conference, INBOUND 2018. Between HubSpot’s Partner Day, and three full days of inspiring keynote speakers, comprehensive breakout sessions and compelling spotlights, our team had a full week of soaking up all the knowledge possible, alongside 24,000 other marketing and sales professionals passionate about the inbound methodology.

Whether you were at INBOUND, wish you could have attended or have never heard of it before, this post is for you. We took the time to reflect on all the diligent notes we took, and put together a list of the key takeaways from the conference.

1. Videos are integral to your digital marketing strategy. By 2020, 81 percent of internet traffic will be video. Why? Video is the closest form of content what we can get to an offline experience. Brian Fanzo of iSocialFanz shared in his session that video is putting the social back in social media. Some things we learned to keep in mind when developing video: the first 7 second makes all the difference, auto-play is more convenient and most consumers are likely to watch videos on mobile with the sound off so headlines are key.

2. SEO isn’t going anywhere - in fact, it reigns supreme. Some may say the keyword is dead, but based on what we learned, it is simply evolving along with the rest of the digital marketing world. One interesting stat we took from Sarah Bird of Moz is that organic search drives 20x more clicks than paid search. All in all, SEO is a competitive team sport, and it’s important to get everyone at your organization on board to get reap the maximum benefits.

3. If you aren’t authentic in your content marketing, you’re simply adding to the noise. Kali Roberge of Creative Advisor Marketing taught us to pull from personal experience, express strong opinions, be polite and generous - but firm, and to be okay with being wrong when executing your content marketing strategy. We can’t simply stick to what’s objectively true if we want to stand out.

4. If you aren’t already taking advantage of historical content optimization, now is the time to start. This was a popular topic at the conference and has to deal with finding your best performing content and figuring how to repurpose it so you can work smarter, not harder. Brittany Berger of BrittanyBerger.com shared her three rules for minimalist content marketing: focus on usage, not creation, create just as much as you need and find new ways to get results from your existing library.

5. If you haven’t heard, HubSpot’s flywheel killed the funnel. What does this mean? Customers are the input, not the output. Brian Halligan of HubSpot shared how 2018 is the year of delighting customers, and that is where we should apply the most force in our businesses to get the biggest return. Read more about this new approach here, and learn how you can turn your customers into walking, talking flywheels.

Aside from all the learning that took place, we certainly made time to enjoy time in Boston as a team! By the end of the week, our step goals had been met consistently, we had eaten cannolis to our hearts’ content and our cheeks were sore from laughing so much. We feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to attend INBOUND for the second time, and recommend it to any team or individual looking to supercharge their inbound marketing skills. Looking forward to next year already!





Were you at INBOUND? Let us know what your main takeaway was!


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