5 Compelling Reasons to Consider Growth Driven Design

By Hannah Armistead
5 Compelling Reasons to Consider Growth Driven Design

Growth driven design (GDD) has swept through the website design field like a tidal wave and is quickly replacing more traditional approaches as the design method of choice. Why? The GDD process creates a website that interprets user data and then informs the site to make changes accordingly. In this way, your company’s website is continuously developing and improving.

By using GDD, website redesign is ongoing and no longer has to be a major time-consuming and costly company project. GDD’s agility enables your site to adapt to your company’s changing needs and your users’ preferences. In addition to making maintenance easier on your end, GDD also provides a visitor experience that’s more pleasant and productive; since user preferences are incorporated into GDD changes, it’s inevitable that users will have a more positive experience.

Here are 5 more reasons to consider growth driven design:

You’ll launch more quickly
With conventional website design, you don’t launch a new or redesigned site until every single element is locked into place, which almost always takes longer than originally planned and can cause numerous delays. Growth driven design determines which site components are absolutely essential and focuses on those first, resulting in a much quicker initial launch. The site might be a bit more limited at first, but the aim is to have it up and running. That way, you get a jump start on attracting users and collecting data to assess the effectiveness of the new design.

Site strategy is user-driven
One of the basic principles of growth driven design is that it’s structured based on user experience. This is analyzed in the earliest stages of GDD, and once the latest changes have been implemented, the level of user engagement will determine future site revision as well.

These assessments aren’t based on assumptions; GDD conducts ongoing data analysis and testing of the user experience. You can make new changes each month based on the results collected and see them implemented right away. You’ll also see what users respond to most positively, and those things can stay in place and even be emphasized.

It’s built using smart goals
Traditional website redesigns have generally been based on pre-existing outcomes and lacked forward-focused goals. With growth driven design, you’re in the driver’s seat with regard to setting clear goals from the outset. And since GDD is constructive, with analytic tools to measure just about every element of user interaction, you can easily quantify the success of your website soon after its launch.

What’s more, GDD has the built-in ability for revision. If the results of testing are unsatisfactory, you can easily modify the site design so that it works more effectively. The evolving nature of growth driven design allows you to make adjustments to ensure you meet your goals for your organization’s website; then, when those goals inevitably change over time, your website is enabled to make the necessary adjustments to align with the new ones.

It’s dynamic and agile in nature
Technology is constantly changing, and visitors to your company’s website will assume that it’s going to be up to date with the latest upgrades and mobile applications. The agile nature of growth driven design makes this easier to achieve. GDD gives you the ability to examine your users’ experience, assess any problematic issues and immediately adjust your site on all platforms to meet their needs. This dynamic ability for continuous change ensures your continued relevance. Additionally, the information you glean from GDD’s real-time data analysis will keep you ahead of the market curve – and in front of your competition.

GDD is cost efficient
No one likes to have to spend money repeatedly to update the company website. Traditionally, you’d pay someone a fixed fee to do the work; in the end, after months of work, you’d have a newly designed site that was nearly outdated from the moment the project was done. You’ve already paid for it, but inevitably, soon it’s time to start from square one again.

With GDD, it’s a smoother process, with smaller payments made over a period of time, which is more manageable than a single, much larger charge. The design team continues to work with you to analyze the work that’s been done and makes changes to improve the active site’s performance. Your in-house staff isn’t distracted from its own work, so they’re being more productive. By working with the growth driven design team over a period of time, you have more control over the ultimate costs and are working in partnership with the designers from start to finish, charting its success at every developmental step along the way.

If you’re looking for a sustainable redesign strategy, growth driven design is the way to go, and we’re here to help you get started with it. Sign up to receive your free download, “Getting Started with Growth Driven Design: A Comprehensive Package to a Modern Web Design Approach”.

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