6 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business

By Lauren Pinckney
6 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business

Many business owners are, in a word, intimidated by social media. The platforms are historically social, and have long been thought of as a place where the younger crowd hangs out.

But social media isn’t just for selfies. In fact, social media platforms are invaluable content marketing tools, and should be considered a valuable component of your content marketing strategy. Not sure social media is right for you? Here are 6 ways the platforms can help your business.


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1. Social media gives your business a personality
A customer can only tell so much about your business by checking out your website. A well-designed website has the basics, sure. You’ll list your business hours, a summary of what you do, and provide contact information.

What your website lacks, though, is a hint of your true personality. That’s where social media comes in. When your business is active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you’re afforded the opportunity to build your brand and show consumers a bit of your personality.

Whether you’re discussing industry trends or cracking jokes about last night’s sitcom, social media is the best place for you to let loose a little. Interact and engage with your followers on social media to give your business a bit of personality. 


2. Social media increases brand awareness
When you continually engage with followers on social media, they’re going to remember you. That means that the next time they’re in need of a service you offer, your name will be right there at the front of your memory.

Social media helps build brand awareness. Not only will you give your business a personality by using the platforms, you’ll also establish your company as something of a household name. More frequent interactions on social media means more brand awareness, and that, in turn, creates a higher lead conversion.


3. Social media encourages engagement
Again, your website may be fantastic. It could be the cleanest, easy to use and professional looking website on the internet. But, unfortunately, that’s not all consumers want.

More and more, consumers are turning to social media to reach out to businesses like yours. Establishing a social media presence is like opening a direct line to your business – it’s like a phone line that your customers will find very easy to use.

Keep in mind that not all social media interactions will be wholly positive. Consumers frequently use the platform to air complaints. That could be considered good news, though. You’ll have the chance to respond in a prompt and professional manner, and people will take notice. Not only the consumers who have a negative opinion to voice, but others as well.


4. Social media fosters trust
Every post you publish to social media gives your consumers one more reason to trust your brand. Not only will they begin to see the face behind the business, but they’ll also begin to recognize you as a leader in your industry.

When you share on the social media platforms, do so with intent. It’s okay to post about local news and events, or about promotions your business is running. But be sure to also share useful content – content that answers a question your users may be asking.

When you consistently share useful, engaging content that will help your followers, you will establish your business as trustworthy.


5. Social media is targeted
Imagine you’ve placed a newspaper ad, and the subscriber base is around 500,000. Now, think about how many subscribers will see your ad, given that most people just flip right past them. Finally, of the people who actually read the ads in the paper, how many people will be inspired to act? To call your business? To take advantage of the service you’re offering?

Social media allows you to target your ads to reach just the people who are looking for your service. Each of the social media platforms allows you the option of “promoting” your post. In doing so, you can target your ad to reach a specific demographic. For instance, you could reach college students between the ages of 18 and 24 who live in Missouri, simply by selecting the right options.

However, even without these paid promotions, your published content is highly targeted. When you post to social media, you’ll reach the followers who want to hear about your business. These consumers followed you because they were already interested in your industry.


6. Social media is free consumer research
When you consistently engage with your followers on social media, you’re going to eventually get to know them. And, in getting to know them, you’re going to be better able to gauge what your consumer wants.

The social media platforms are an excellent way to get to know your customer better. Each of the platforms offer analytics which will tell you demographic info about your consumers. But, even beyond that, you’re going to learn a great deal from your interactions with your followers.

When you’re on social media, you’ll get compliments. Use those to determine what your business is doing right. You’ll get complaints. Use those to identify areas which need improvement. You’ll get questions. Answer those questions, and feel free to use those questions as a guideline for your next blog post.

When you take the time to get to know your followers, you’re inevitably going to lean more about them, and about your own business. Use that information to become a true leader in your industry.



Social media is a critical component of your content marketing strategy. Interacting directly with your followers, building your brand and learning more about your consumers will only serve to make your business more successful.

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