8 Ways to Find Opportunity During Times of Uncertainty

By Emily Collins
8 Ways to Find Opportunity During Times of Uncertainty

Oftentimes, uncertainty is the only thing that is certain. We know that hard times and unforeseen disruptions are inevitable (whether we like it or not), but can they be valuable for your business? When things are seemingly out of your control, the best tip is often to focus on what you can control, to embrace the conflict head-on and use it as an opportunity for growth. 

Uplevel Your Business:

1. Identify the state of your foundation. 

Use this time of limbo to create or refine your foundation. Trials can be the stress test that expose your core values or the lack thereof. This is a great time to reassess how and why you do business. Start with a quick question: “What is the state of my foundation?” There are three possible answers: 

  • I have a terrific foundation. 
  • I have a foundation, but it’s a good time to refine. 
  • I don’t have a foundation. 

The answer to this question will help inform your next move. It is crucial that you have clearly defined core values, a mission, and a purpose. These are non-negotiables! 


2. Treat yourself as one of your normal customers. 

Carve out specific time to work on your business. Get into the nitty-gritty, do some deep cleaning and introspection, measure your own ROI. How are things performing? What things are you doing that are working well? What things are you doing that aren’t working so well? List these out and identify patterns or trends that you can learn from. Decide what needs to change, and what shouldn’t. 


3. Get your website ready. 

Now is the time to maximize your efforts on the digital front. This is a prime opportunity to review your current content strategy and marketing initiatives. Be sure that your website is full of educational content that provides remarkable value to your audiences. Does your website solve a customer’s problem? Consider conducting an audit to understand how you’re performing in terms of accessibility, how user friendly your site is, or how you stand against your competitors. Remove outdated content, update SEO, evaluate your navigation and user journey, or incorporate new call-to-actions. The options are endless! 


4. Assess your client strategy. 

Take a look at your current customer base and your ideal audiences, and ask yourself if they are aligned. Figure out a way to align yourself with organizations that you believe in and that you want to work with. Create a strategy for the industry or size company that you’re after. Do you have buyer personas? If not, now would be a great chance to create a few that help you understand the mind, patterns, and habits of your current and ideal users. 


5. Leverage tools and automation. 

Finally, take inventory of the tools that you’re using on a daily basis for your current processes. Are there tools that you’re not using like you thought you would? Perhaps there’s a greater level of automation that you’ve been missing out on that can help you save time and money in the long run. As you know, there are hundreds of tools and platforms available to you, but not all are created equal. Here’s a list of some of the tools that we use and love that help us succeed online. 

Help Your Clients:

1. Be present. 

The worst thing you could do during a period of uncertainty would be to leave your customers hanging. A saying we like to use and abide by around here is, “out of sight, out of mind”. As cliche as it sounds, it is crucial that you remain present and continue to communicate regularly (or overcommunicate) with your clients. Don’t go dark on your clients during this time - they’re the reason you’re in business! 


2. Remain aware and engaged in what’s happening. 

Don’t fade into the noise. Use this time to establish yourself as an industry leader, rather than sinking away into the mystic. Stay informed about what’s happening with your clients’ businesses and continue to check-in until the storm seems to be clearing. 


3. Build value. 

A time of uncertainty or crisis is not the time to sell yourself. This is the time to switch gears and be helpful. Remember, your customer relationships should not be merely transactional. If you’re in a client services role or industry, you can build value by providing suggestions and solutions to ease their tensions or lighten their loads during this period. Be creative! Offer new ideas that you know will be beneficial to them because you know their business so well. 

The cost of inaction is too high! Use a time of crisis to focus on upleveling your business and helping others to do the same. By doing these two things, you can rest assured that you will have used the season well and you will truly come out stronger on the other side. 

To learn more about how to grow your business and help your clients in uncertain times, check out the webinar “Upleveling Client Relationships with Blake DuBose” hosted by SOCO For Creators. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Blake shared insights into how to find opportunities to grow during a time when everything is in flux. Watch the video on Vimeo here, or below.


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