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Digital Marketing Agency Owner Defines Success

Digital Marketing Agency Owner Defines Success

Business | Digital Marketing featured DuBose Web Group President, Blake DuBose in its Entrepreneur Minute for a one-minute video interview published today.  These brief video snapshots allow prominent business leaders around the state to share experienced insight and learn from one another.

During the visit, Blake was asked to share about his entrepreneurial journey, the creation and success of DuBose Web Group, along with advice for other leaders and go-getters in the industry.

DuBose Web Group is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and Blake credits the success to having a purpose that is greater than himself.  Our team is certainly grateful for Blake’s vision and leadership which spur us on towards that same unified purpose.

Congratulations on this exciting feature opportunity, Blake! 

For the full video transcript, continue scrolling.

Blake DuBose, DuBose Web Group from MidlandsBiz on Vimeo.

Full Video Transcript: 

"My name is Blake DuBose and I am President at DuBose Web. We are a full-service web and digital marketing company here in Columbia. Our core business model is coming alongside organizations as an extension to their team. We focus on lead generation and client engagement, and we do that through helping companies develop a strong digital marketing strategy. Two ways that we really accomplish that goal is to first, establish a website that is continuously measured and improved, focused on the user's experience. Then two, is fueling the success of the website through content, social media, e-mail, and search engine optimization strategy. We've been able to set a vision as a company to align ourselves with organization who are making a difference in the community. Whether it's hiring more people and making sure that it's a community-driven organization, and then we enjoy helping them grow their company so that they can continue to make an impact on the community. To me, entrepreneurship is about helping people. When you help people, people will help you. When you have a purpose that's greater than your company and greater than yourself, to me, that's what leads to success, and that's a true definition of entrepreneurship. "