Our Top 6 Tips for Working Remotely

By Emily Collins
Our Top 6 Tips for Working Remotely

Being a digital agency, we have the unique privilege to do our jobs remotely and continue to serve our partners with the same caliber. After a year’s worth of working from home, and plenty of trial and error, we asked our team to share their best remote work tips.


1. Invest in creating your ideal workspace

Even if you don’t have an extra room to dedicate as your office, it’s important that you take the time to set up your space. If you’re planning to spend around 8 hours a day in the same spot, shouldn’t you like how it looks? Perhaps you should consider dual monitors to get your work done. Isn’t it time to invest in that comfy desk chair you’ve been eyeballing? Hang up decorations that inspire you to do your best work. As much as you can, choose a space with minimal distractions that will be your designated office each and every day. 


2. A consistent morning routine 

While it would be really easy to roll out of bed five minutes before your first meeting, wearing your favorite superhero pajama pants, we don’t recommend it. You certainly don’t have to be as dolled up and can be a bit more relaxed with your wardrobe, but you still want to be a professional. Wake up at the same time everyday and commit to being at your desk at the same time. Do everything you would normally do for a work day at the office so that you’ll be ready to go when it’s time to start, both mentally and physically.


3. Have a game plan for meetings 

Meetings are inevitable, so when they come up, be prepared for success. Is your office located in a central location of your home? Consider moving to a space where you can shut the door or drown the noise to take important calls and host video meetings. Make sure you have a quality set of headphones to use, along with a microphone for the best audio settings. 


4. Use your lunch and take little breaks 

Be diligent about taking your lunch break! Whether you’re running an errand, doing chores, checking the mail, walking the dog, or even taking a nap, make an effort to take that time to step away from your computer and do something that’s not related to work. It can be easy to keep working through lunch when you’re at home, but those breaks really matter. If it helps, try to plan your breaks ahead of time in your calendar so you and your teammates know when you are or are not available. 


5. Overcommunicate with your team 

Talk to your coworkers - about anything! One thing you miss out on when you’re working from home is the small talk with your coworkers. Make an effort to check in with your coworkers, share a funny story that happened, encourage them in some way, and just let them know you’re there. Everyone is different and remote work can sometimes be isolating, but regular communication makes it a whole lot better.


6. Closing time 

When the end of the day finally arrives, it’s crucial that you step away from your computer and commit to not picking it back up until the next day. This will help you create healthy home and work boundaries. If you’re having a hard time knowing when to stop, consider putting something on your calendar like a workout, dinner preparation, or dog walk so that you know it’s time to check out for the day.  It can be easy to keep working well past the end of the work day when you’re at home, because you don’t have a commute, but that can quickly lead to burn out. After closing out of all your tabs and shutting down for the day, take a few minutes to reset your cluttered desk so it’s fresh and ready for the next day. A clean and tidy workspace makes a huge difference!


Remember, what works for someone else may not work for you. Remote working certainly comes with a learning curve - and that’s okay! Give yourself grace as you navigate these uncharted waters.

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