Planes, Trains, Ubers, And Inbound 17

By Emily Collins
Planes, Trains, Ubers, And Inbound 17

Back in September, several of our team members had the opportunity to join thousands of like-minded marketers in Boston at INBOUND 2017. Hubspot’s annual marketing and sales conference is jam-packed with inspiring keynotes, networking opportunities, and in-depth breakout sessions centered on new inbound marketing methodologies. We’ve compiled a list of the top six things we learned on our trip:

Better content is better than more content. Quality over quantity! That’s pretty confusing when you think about it because we have been taught to pump content out and never stop. The shift is in part due to the rapidly evolving search landscape, as well as how people are actually discovering content. It’s time to focus more on SEO and utilizing keywords for those big topics we want to be discovered for. When you think about focusing your energy on creating more targeted, relevant and customer-centric content, instead of churning out content for the sake of having content, it makes sense.

The customer experience is more important than ever. It’s more about how you sell, than what you sell. Being dedicated to consistent, memorable and delightful experiences for your customers will speak volumes. Relationships lie at the core of who we are at DuBose Web Group. When our customers succeed, we succeed.

Be surprisingly authentic. Businesses must be authentic not only in day-to-day interactions with target audiences, but in all created content as well. Finding your brand’s unique voice is highly valued and allows you to truly connect with your audience, in a way that sets you apart. Once you’ve found your unique voice that stands out among the noise, stay true to it and OWN it.

Alignment is a key ingredient for growth. Dharmesh Shah, co-founder at Hubspot said it best, “You grow better when what you believe, what you say and what you do are in alignment!” Every person on your team is a vector. When all of the vectors are aligned, that’s when you get the maximum impact.

Define your company culture. Creating a genuine culture and brand that furthers your mission will also inspire your audience. Not only does it make recruiting and scaling your business easier, but it also creates a solid foundation for growth. Your company can scale decision-making faster and spread ownership when every individual on your team knows and acts on your mission statement and core values.

It’s okay to fail. We’d rather be failing frequently than never trying. Keeping this mentality in our workspace ensures that no one is afraid of taking risks. Mistakes are not mistakes as long as you learn from them.

It was incredibly refreshing to get out of the office for a week for a chance to refocus, confirm among 20,000 of our closest friends why we do what we do, and enjoy time spent with each other. Five southerners invaded Boston and its transportation systems for four-days, and neither will ever be the same. We’re looking forward to doing it again at INBOUND 2018!

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