President Spotlight | Blake DuBose

By Hannah Armistead
President Spotlight | Blake DuBose

Have you ever wondered what life is like as the owner and president of a digital marketing agency? Blake is sharing what inspired him to start DuBose Web, how he’s grown and thrived in his role as president and what he loves most about this company. Get to know Blake a bit better with this post - you might just learn something new about him!


What led you to wanting to build a digital marketing agency?
Ever since I was a young boy, I can remember having an interest in technology. For Christmas in the early 90s, I remember getting a Tandy computer and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I officially started our company and began to gain traction in 2008. At the time, social media was just beginning to surface, the iPhone had recently debuted, the economy was beginning to go into a recession, and I was trying to start a company. When I began, the objective was to help companies by building websites to help them connect with their audiences and grow their company. At a high level, we still do this today, but have expanded into digital marketing that aligns with our vision, our core competencies, and who we serve.


Explain what our tagline “Relationship minded. Community focused.” means to you.
Our time on Earth is short and goes by fast. So why not do something you love, work with the people you enjoy, and positively impact the community you serve? Some companies have a transactional business model, and that’s fine, but we have found that building personal relationships as a means to help people meet their goals is why we come to work every day.


Walk me through a work day in the life of the President of DWG.
Oh boy, where do I start? One of the things I’ve learned about owning a business is plan the day, or the day will plan you. Organization and time management are not natural gifts I have. Many people look at their feet each day instead of focusing on targets and continuously moving towards the targets and goals you set. Parts of each week are blocked off to focus on specific tasks, and other parts are left open to network, check email, have meetings, etc.

I’ve found that I’m not a night person. Some people can stay up late and get things accomplished after everyone goes go to bed - not me. I’d rather wake up at 5 a.m., exercise, check email and get the tasks knocked out that would be difficult to accomplish in the middle of the work day.

My nights and weekends are typically devoted to my family. Along with my Christian faith, they remain the highest priority in my life.


Do you have any systems or habits in place that help you with productivity?
One thing that paralyzes me (and many people) is keeping an email window up all day. This is so easy to do, and something that I am guilty of. A mentor of mine once taught me about “intellectual capacity”, and that each person has limited brain power to think, be creative, analyze, and make important decisions. If you spend half your day (every day) chasing emails that pop up, this can drain your intellectual capacity, dilute creativity, and crush your productivity. I have certain times that I check email (6 a.m., noon, and 5 p.m.) and this allows me to have timely responses, but not distract my day.

I have to have an organized email Inbox that contains the following sections: Action Required; Awaiting Response, and Weekly Review. If it’s not assigned to one of those, it’s out of sight to avoid clutter and squirrels that I don’t worry about chasing.


What does your desk look like? Cluttered? Tidy? Organized chaos?
I cannot operate in clutter and have very few papers in my desk, truck or home office. I have migrated to a very paperless life - it’s simplistic and allows me to know where everything is. For file organization, Dropbox has been my best friend for years and is my home for all personal and business files. In 2015, our office was impacted by the historic, thousand-year flood and some of our computers were under water. Because of online, cloud software like Dropbox, our files were unaffected, and we were able to work from home as normal immediately.

I enjoy a standing desk as this allows me to stand and sit depending on the mood. Also having a portable mentality, allows me to take my laptop and my office can be anywhere.


When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?
I use this analogy all the time. Eric Hyman (former University of South Carolina Athletic Director) once spoke to our Columbia Capital Rotary Club. He said the university works very hard to teach their athletes they have limited time and can only do so much. The coaches would teach them that they can only choose two things to excel at out of athletics, academics and social life. Unfortunately, everything in position three or later will suffer. I took this to heart and do my best to apply it to my life to choose that my faith and family are the two most important things in my life, and areas I spend most of my time.


Do you have a book, podcast or other resource that has inspired you lately?
Recently, I have been reading The E-Myth Chief Financial Officer: Why Most Small Businesses Run Out of Money and What to Do About It. It’s a fascinating perspective on maximizing financial and business performance.


What’s one thing about you that surprises people?
Most people don’t know how passionate I am about music. I got my first guitar when I was in middle school and have never put it down. Recently, I played it in our church talent show and have joined a church band!


If you had to choose only 3 adjectives to describe yourself, which would you choose?
Analytical, Fun, Empathic


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
A mentor once told me a Christian saying: “Remember who you are and remember Whose you are.”


What is your favorite part about this job and company?
My favorite part and what I value most are the relationships with our team members, the people I meet, and the partners we serve.

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