The 5 Best Social Media Channels For Business Marketing

By Lauren Veres
The 5 Best Social Media Channels For Business Marketing

So, what are the best social media platforms for your business to use? Depending on your strategy and buyer personas, there are many different channels that could work for you. We’ve listed our top 5 social media preferences along with how each of them work and how you can use them to attract new customers.

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Facebook hosts the largest social network on the web, with more than 2 billion users and the most diverse community of users across any platform. It’s a great way to connect both with your visitors and with other businesses. It hosts an easy to manage interface that makes sharing blog posts, videos, pictures, and company updates a breeze. Because of this, Facebook is usually a go-to for most businesses.

However, the new Facebook algorithm shift will make it harder for your content to be seen. You will likely see a drop in the engagement of your posts, but keep trying! Facebook hosts a huge audience - if your target audience is there (and I suspect it is), Facebook will be a worthy investment of your time.

And remember: it’s not all about what YOU post. Be sure to interact with other B2B or B2C companies as well! Making those connections will go a long way towards driving your exposure and visibility online.



Twitter is another great tool for any business looking to interact with their followers. Twitter hosts about 328 million active users worldwide and is best for businesses that want to create a community or go viral. Tweets only allow a 280 character limit though, so keep it short and sweet!

Twitter is also the platform that introduced the hashtag to the mainstream social media world. You can read more about hashtags and how to use them [here], but basically it’s a great way to associate your brand with a topic of interest or with other businesses. People can find your business simply by searching a hashtag, so use them wisely.

Engagement on Twitter is crucial. Like, retweet, and respond to your user network to gain visibility and virality. By interacting with and following other users regularly, you are increasing your chances of being followed back.




Are you in the B2B realm? Then LinkedIn is where you need to focus a chunk of your time and resources. LinkedIn is a social media platform designed specifically for professionals to interact.

People also use LinkedIn to hunt for jobs, so your company profile should be sharp! Most users update their profile with a layout of their work history, interests, and skills, so it’s a great way to scout for potential connections or even future employees! Your LinkedIn company profile needs to be a reliable source for users to learn about your business.

The important thing to remember about LinkedIn is that it’s designed for making professional connections. So when you connect with others, be genuine! Follow people or interests that complement your business and interact with experts. A lot of businesses use the website’s LinkedIn Groups function to make groups within the industry as well, so be sure to check those out.



Instagram is a popular photo sharing platform boasting an impressive 700 million active users. Instagram users post about a broad range of topics, including art, travel, food, events, and more! Instagram is great for sharing any pictures of cool events that your company participates in, giving users an insight to the personality of your team! Use hashtags to tag yourself at events or include you in trending tags.

A fun thing that a lot of businesses like to do is create their own hashtag for people to tag their posts with, often for the purpose of hosting a giveaway! This is a great way to boost engagement with your users, expand your reach, and get your business trending.

Be ready to share photos of your business - if you don’t have tons of pictures to share, I might suggest staying away from this one. Another thing to keep in mind about Instagram is that it is a mobile app. There is a desktop website, but you can’t post from the computer version of the site - you can only view other people’s posts. It’s still important to interact with others, but Instagram’s new algorithm (similar to Facebook’s) is reliant on the number of followers and engagement your profile has. And since Instagram doesn’t allow links within posts, marketers have to get creative to boost engagement and to get users to your company website.




Owned by Google itself, YouTube is credited as being the second largest search engine. With videos gaining popularity as the most popular media tool on the web, this information comes as no surprise. Videos (preferably short ones!) have shown to be more engaging to users than pictures alone, so we would recommend crafting some interesting video tools to link to your site and share on YouTube.

There are endless possibilities for videos - how-to videos, tutorials, interviews, company events, you name it! When people are searching for a solution to their problem, having a video linked on YouTube increases your chances of coming up on search engines than just your website alone. Instead of another business’s website, your helpful how-to may pop up instead!


Social media marketing is an important part of any marketing strategy. What is equally important is ensuring that your team is devoting their resources to the appropriate platforms that will help your users and, by extension, your business. Devote your time to creating and publishing interesting social media content that will attract, convert, and delight your customers. And while you’re at it, give our social media profiles some love, too! We have a Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.


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