What Exactly Is A Launchpad Website?

By Hannah Armistead
What Exactly Is A Launchpad Website?

Growth driven design, which is quickly overtaking traditional website design as the go-to industry standard, is a dynamic approach to website development that gives you the ability to continuously refine your site content after it has gone live. Unlike traditional methods, growth driven design (GDD) is user-driven and allows for the collection of real-time data on user experience. This allows you to immediately recognize what’s working best – and what isn’t – so you can instantly implement meaningful, positive changes for your site visitors.

An integral feature of growth driven design is the launchpad website. Depending on the specific purpose of your site, the launchpad generally includes a home page, services/product page and a landing page, which is the page accessed when someone clicks a hyperlink or search engine result. At first glance this looks far less comprehensive than what you’d get with a traditional website design, but don’t panic: the launchpad site isn’t the finished product.

In fact, with growth driven design, there really isn’t a finished product. The launchpad is a springboard for your new site’s ongoing change and improvement. Since growth driven design is, as its name implies, all about growth, as soon as the launchpad site goes live, you’ll start accumulating valuable user experience data; you can then analyze the findings in order to modify and optimize your site content.

The initial goal of a launchpad website is to get your new site up and running as quickly as possible. The most important, must-have features are included at this stage. The design process isn’t yet complete, but the launchpad provides a foundation for the site’s future growth and development. Even in this early phase, which is often called “minimally viable,” the launchpad will make your site look better and have stronger performance capabilities than before.

The moment the launchpad site goes live, you’ll begin to collect feedback about how visitors are interacting with it. Growth driven design gives you the ability to collect real-time data on the user experience, which will be an enormous help in determining future changes, whether small tweaks or major re-development is needed. But unlike traditional design methods, with GDD you won’t have to shut down portions of the site while this work is being done. Using the data you’ve collected and analyzed as your guide, you can revise and optimize your site content without interrupting its online presence.

Since many people have become accustomed to traditional website design, there are often questions about the differences between that approach and growth driven design. The first, most obvious answer is that traditional redesigns are usually one massive, all-encompassing endeavor that can’t help but get in the way of your business’ day-to-day online operations. As we’ve already explained, GDD doesn’t do this: growth driven design enables you to go live with a launchpad site that can be adjusted without interrupting the website’s overall functioning.

In traditional design, once a site goes live it’s pretty much a done deal, and there’s little that can be done to change things (until the next major redesign!). GDD’s launchpad website, however, is malleable and gives the client the opportunity to be actively involved in further development. It’s an ongoing process, with the goal of continuous site improvement.

Moreover, traditional web design holds off on going live until the new site is “perfect,” but that’s misleading; we all know that the moment your site makes its inaugural appearance, elements will very soon be stale and out of date. But with a traditional design the site is locked in place. Growth driven design, on the other hand, acknowledges the shifting terrain of the cyber universe and recognizes the need for a website that can undergo change on a constant basis. Perfection is not the goal.

Another notable difference is cost: traditional web design generally demands a large upfront fee, while growth driven design is paid on a retainer basis over a period of time. This gives you more control over the ultimate price you’re paying. Significantly, it also means that the design team continues to work with you while the process is going on, analyzing what’s already been done and collaborating to further improve the website’s performance.

GDD launchpad websites also go live much more quickly than sites developed via traditional means. Conventional approaches usually wait until every element is complete, which often causes delays and can hold up an organization’s online capabilities. Growth driven design’s first focus is getting the launchpad website up and running as soon as possible, generally within 2-3 months, as opposed to a 3-6 month timeline for more traditional methods.

Since your launchpad website is built with GDD’s forward-looking goals, analytic tools kick in immediately to measure every aspect of user interaction. This gives you a near instantaneous assessment of what’s working best and what most needs attention and improvement. GDD’s built-in ability for revision means that you can easily modify site content and design for more effective performance results. You’ll be able to make changes across all platforms to ensure maximum user satisfaction.  

Once you have an understanding of GDD, we believe you’ll consider its approach to be a great next move for your business. With a launchpad website that will afford you continuous site improvement, you’ll be able to monitor which aspects create the strongest foundation and most positive user experience. You’ll also find out which parts of the website might be underperforming, and you can bolster or remove those. The flexible nature of a launchpad website allows it to develop in real time, and ongoing analysis will provide valuable data that you can incorporate into revisions that will further optimize the site.

As you can see, growth driven design is the new way to think about web design, and we’re here to help you get started with it. Sign up to receive your free download, “Getting Started with Growth Driven Design: A Comprehensive Package to a Modern Web Design Approach”.

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