Why I Love DuBose

By Emily Collins
Why I Love DuBose

A nerf gun. This was the gift that awaited me at my desk on my very first day at DuBose Web Group. I could immediately tell that I would fit into this new place just fine.

When people ask me about my job and what I love the most, without hesitation, I’ll always answer that it’s the people. When you find a place where you get to work with people who become family, I’m convinced that that’s when you know you’ve made it. Sure, there are other important factors when considering where you’ll be building a career at. But there’s a serious change that takes place in a person when you come to work every day surrounded by people who constantly build you up, celebrate with you, trust and support you, and yes – occasionally shoot you with a nerf gun. Keeps you on your toes, right?! (And sometimes, you might deserve it!) In all seriousness, I consider myself to be incredibly lucky. I’m grateful for the ones I get to spend my days with. With these people behind me, I know I can face whatever lies before me.

But it’s not just the people from our office that make this job such a joy. It’s our partners. Relationships are at the core of our mission at DuBose and we incorporate that into every aspect of our approach to website design. We take the time to get to know our clients and tailor our website development to uniquely suit their needs. I love the idea of developing a website with our client’s user experience in mind and creating relevant content for them to enjoy. We are partnered with some of the most amazing clients in this state, who happen to share similar values and goals as DuBose Web Group. Shared passions give us purpose, and it’s this purpose that drives everything that we do here. It’s truly powerful.

We’re a company that believes in building relationships and empowering our clients to make a positive impact in the community. That’s a mission I will gladly get behind. When our clients succeed and make a difference, that’s how I know I’m making a difference, too.


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