bierer meters case study

Bierer Meters is known worldwide for being the leader in the electrical test equipment industry. Created by physicist Walter Bierer, each of their high-quality products is handmade with efficiency and safety as the top priorities. Their new website was created to appeal to their utilitarian clientele, making it easy for them to discover the equipment they need and learn how to use it to its full capacity.

Bierer Meters deliverables


the strategy

Bierer Meters offers an extensive inventory of test equipment that makes electrical maintenance easier and safer for their customers. With our help, they hoped to craft a website that would make their products easily accessible while also providing customers with resources to help them learn how to use their equipment to its fullest capacity.

Services Provided:

User Strategy
Website Design
Website Development


design approach

Bierer Meters products appeal to a specific trade and are created with a particular purpose in mind. We wanted to design a site that was easy and simple to navigate, while also providing clear imagery for their products and creating thorough resources for customers to utilize when using their Bierer Meters equipment.

strategy, site mapping, and wireframing
When offering an extensive list of products, each with a unique purpose, it was important that we created the website that made navigation and comprehension of Bierer Meters' inventory a breeze. Our format was intended to make their website as clear and efficient as possible.

a style board to fit their brand
Our choice of color scheme coincides with the brand colors of Bierer Meters. The aesthetics of the website give it a utilitarian feel, while also creating a fresh, modern layout that their users will love.


the solution

The new site reflects the practicality and efficiency of Bierer Meters products. The exhaustive resources and tutorials for every product on their site provide users with the assistance they may need, all in one easily accessible space. Creating a site that is simple, effective, and helpful puts Bierer Meters in the spotlight as the premier products in the industry, created with simplicity and safety at the heart of their mission.

See The Completed Site

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