11 survey questions to get to know your customers

How to Get to Know Your Customers

How well do you really know your audience?

An effective digital marketing strategy starts with having a good grasp on who your current customers are, and what audiences you are striving to connect with.

We’ve put together a free download full of sample questions to help you build a survey that gets you acquainted with your current customers’ pain points, motivations, goals, challenges and more. Download a copy today to start unlocking the answers to these super valuable questions!

Your current customers are a wealth of knowledge. Take advantage of this by surveying your customer base to gain insight into their goals, challenges and more. Not only will this help you serve them more effectively, this will also help shape your buyer personas.

Use the questions below as a guide when building your survey, but be sure to make them unique to your business or organization.

  1. Where do you work?
  2. What is your job title?
  3. Walk me through a work day in your life.
  4. What are the main pain points you experience in your role and at your job?
  5. What main goal were you trying to accomplish by seeking out a (product/tool/solution/service) like (company)?
  6. What (products/tools/solutions/services) have you tried in the past to address these challenges?
  7. How have previously used (products/tools/solutions/services) failed, or been successful?
  8. How did you find out about (company)?
  9. What challenges or frustrations did you experience throughout the buying process (time from expressed interest to purchase) whether it be with (insert company name) or its competitors?
  10. What were the main decision-making factors that led you to choose (insert company name) over its competitors?
  11. What tools or resources could (insert company name) provide to make your partnership more beneficial?


Helpful tips:

  • Use a survey tool like Google Forms, Survey Monkey or one that is provided within your CRM to easily collect responses.
  • Be sure to include an introduction that tells your customer why you’re collecting this information and how it will be used.
  • Offer something in exchange for an honest survey response. This could be anything from a gift card, to a dollar amount off a service to a complimentary eBook.
  • Be sure to collect survey responses from a wide variety of customers to get well-rounded feedback.
  • Reach out to us with any questions you have along the way!
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