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The Tools For Successful Content Strategy

A sound content strategy is the key to any successful digital marketing campaign. We’ve pulled together our best tools to help get you started with building a content marketing strategy that brings your business results. This template includes: A full content audit, content planner, social media planner, and a content performance tracker.


Existing Content Audit Worksheet

This worksheet is used to organize all of your existing content, including website pages, blogs, news, flyers, brochures, eBooks, etc. The information you will need to know for each piece of content is the date published, URL, buyer journey stage, content type/format, buyer persona, and the topic it’s associated with. Once all content is compiled, this spreadsheet will give you an idea of what content is already available, what needs updated, and where additional content is needed.


Content Planner Template

This template is used to organize all of your content and offers. The goal of the content planner is to help you plan content for the year ahead, and ensure that each piece of content has an associated offer. That offer might be a coupon, eBook download, a useful template, or a free assessment. Each offer will need to have an associated topic cluster, a buyer stage journey, an offer type (bofu, mofu, tofu), and an associated persona.

The content section is where you will plan out your topic clusters, and the blogs that will be written or revamped from previous content. You can attach the link to the blog, persona, offer, and the social text that will be used when it is posted to social media platforms.


Content Planning Calendar

This is used to plan out the delivery of your content. Use the different colors to distinguish different social media platforms.


Content Performance Template

This is used to track all analytics, goals, and strategies.

The metrics tab should be completed at the beginning of each month with numbers from the previous month (i.e. on February 1st you pull January’s numbers). The quarterly tabs are for planning initial goals, overall strategy, and social media focus. Do these before you begin planning new content.

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