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Smarter Website Redesign

Traditional web design takes a long time and is complicated. Growth-Driven Design (GDD for short) is just the opposite! This checklist will help you to get your GDD strategy started and get prepared for the “continuous improvement” methodology.

Steps included in Growth-Driven Design Checklist are personas, setting SMART goals, research, and more!

Traditional web design is dead. Large up-front costs, lots of time and resource commitment, no goals set in stone, no mock-up. With our Growth-Driven Design Checklist, you can get started with building and growing your website in a different, better way.



Growth-Driven Design centers on the user, so it is critically important to fully research and develop your persona profiles in the beginning, as they will set the stage for all future activities.

SMART goals.

SMART is a methodology that helps you establish concrete and achievable goals. For example: How have we historically performed, where would we like to improve and how will this impact the overall marketing department’s goal?

Quantitative Website & Analytics Audit.

Time to start digging into the data. Analyze the current website’s performance and perform a quantitative audit of the good and the bad. As you do this, identify where the website can improve.

Qualitative Research - User Research.

Use data to better understand who your users are and find ways to observe user behavior, goals, motivations and pain points.

Fundamental Assumptions.

Core problems and solutions for users. Based on what you’ve learned in all of the previous steps, you can start forming some fundamental assumptions about your users.

Global & Page Strategy.

Both the global and individual page strategies should incorporate all of the previous steps. Also, they should lay out a detailed strategy of exactly how to best engage and influence the user to best attain your goals.


Your wishlist determines both the initial action items to implement on the new site, and the agile and flexible list that continuously changes. Use the 80/20 rule to determine the top 20% action items, that will have 80% of the impact.

Launch Pad Website.

Starting point on which all GDD activities and improvements start from. Launch quickly and know it won’t be perfect. Avoid getting stuck on analysis, features or content while building and think continuous improvements.

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