Search Engine Optimization


SEO: Boost Your Ranking In Google Search Results

When prospective customers search for businesses, products, or services like yours on Google, is your website showing up? How do you boost your search engine rankings? The answer is search engine optimization (SEO). 

SEO involves making technical changes and content-focused additions to your website, and increases the likelihood that customers will find your business when searching for keywords related to the products and services you provide. 

We’ll work with your business to develop a comprehensive digital strategy, including effective, focused search engine optimization that drives growth. Beginning with a SEO audit, content optimization strategy, and the right analytics to monitor results, we’ll help ensure that customers find your business—not your competitors.

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Search Engine Optimization: How We Can Help

SEO is complex, and the strategies necessary for ranking high in search results change as Google adjusts their search algorithm over time. Our team stays on top of the latest developments in SEO to pivot and adjust strategies.

We start with a comprehensive SEO audit, determining where your business stands, where there’s room for improvement, and what strategies will work best for improving your website's ranking. Content creation is essential for SEO. Our team will design and implement a content strategy alongside technical SEO changes. To track results, we ensure that the proper analytics tools are in place, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console. By tracking your business’ search engine ranking, we monitor results and deliver meaningful reports on the progress we’re making.


The Value Of SEO

An effective SEO strategy ensures that customers find you online. But SEO is complicated, and many businesses fail to appear in search results. The result is lost customers.

Each year, more consumers are finding the products and services they need by searching online. Whether you’re targeting local customers or generating leads nationwide, it’s essential that you appear at the top of search results.

The experts at DuBose Web will design an effective SEO strategy that ranks your business when customers search for the products or services you offer.

“Tell a story. Make it true. Make it compelling. And make it relevant.”

Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz

The Work We Do

Whether it’s a new website design, a redesign, or a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we’re passionate about helping our partners reach their goals. We’re proud to offer world-class web design and digital marketing services to businesses in South Carolina and throughout the United States.

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