what is content marketing

The idea behind content marketing is that you can attract visitors to your website—and your business—by providing valuable, informative and quality content. But your content marketing strategy goes well beyond just your “About Us” page. Quality content includes your social media, your blog, your PPC strategy—in short, everything you publish on the web.




Why is Content Marketing so Important?

Content marketing is the face of your business. Each blog post, infographic, social media post, and marketing email you publish helps to develop your business brand, to build brand recognition and to increase conversions.


Great Content Builds Trust

When you post great content, you’re establishing your business as a leader in your industry. Quality content builds trust. The more shareable, relevant content you share with your target audience, the more willing that audience is to trust your expertise.

Great Content Boosts Organic SEO

Today, it’s not enough to stuff your content with keywords to get Google to notice you. Instead, you must share useful, current content your target consumer wants to consume. Search engine optimization is more than just using the right search terms within your content. Now, SEO includes:

  • Building or increasing traffic from a semantic search, long tail keyword strategy
  • Social media optimization and marketing
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Varied media, like ebooks and videos
  • AMPing your content for mobile-first indexing
  • User experience, conversion optimization, and more

Content Marketing Incorporates Paid Strategies

Sometimes, you want results fast. Incorporating a good PPC campaign within your inbound marketing strategy is an easy, fast and effective way to gain visitors to your site and increase conversions. Even the most creative lead generation strategies should include a healthy measure of pay per click advertising.

Content Marketing Generates Leads

Your content marketing strategy is a critical component to lead generation. A good strategy will draw organic traffic to your site. An excellent strategy will take advantage of that opportunity to build your list of viable leads through landing pages and more.


Your Content Builds Your Brand

As you develop your content marketing strategy, you do more than simply draw visitors to your website. A consistent strategy is the easiest way to build brand awareness and identity. A professional and experienced agency like DuBose Web will work with you to not only generate leads and conversions but also to use online marketing to show your audience the true personality of your business.


Are You Ready?

Are you ready to begin to generate more leads, but don’t know where to start? Let DuBose help you get started today. Together, we’ll work to develop a plan to create a successful, comprehensive and effective inbound marketing strategy.


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