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Email Marketing Strategy


A Powerful Part of Inbound Marketing

While there are many forms of digital communication these days, email remains a uniquely powerful tool. With 3 billion users around the world, it is by far the most universal way to communicate with just about anybody. Email, unlike most apps, is platform-independent. In other words, we can communicate via email even if I use Gmail and you use Yahoo.

Another reason email has held its popularity is that it is a relatively safe way to communicate. It is private, allows attachments, includes timestamps, has a reliable backup, and is easily searchable. According to HubSpot (2017), 86% percent of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business.

The challenge of email is, of course, how to get your message through the clutter and into the right inboxes. As with all aspects of inbound marketing, email works best when the content you share appeals to your target audience.



How We Do It


Targeted Email Marketing. To create an effective email marketing strategy, consider Who, What, When, and How.

  • Who are you writing to? Do you have a defined persona? How well do you know your target audience? Is your content authentic, important, and of interest?
  • What are you sending out in an email? Is it easy to view on any device? Is it of value?
  • When is the best time to send email? How frequently do contacts like to hear from you?
  • How does email fit into your marketing strategy? How does it help move targets through the lead generation process?


Lead/Donor Magnets. An effective way to build an email following is through offers, also called lead (or donor) magnets. Meaningful offers provide an incentive for someone to share their email address with you. They include items like an informational guide, a checklist or quiz, a coupon, or an e-book. Ideally, the magnet is an item that appeals to your target, is in sync with your brand or mission, and can be delivered automatically.


Website Call-to-Action. Another great way to gather email addresses is through a strong call-to-action on your website that encourages your targets to subscribe. For example, we can help you build calls-to-action into website headers, sliders, or pop-up forms. A call-to-action has to be obvious without being intrusive and any next step should be uncomplicated. We also recommend opt-in links within outgoing emails.


Campaigns and Newsletters. Advertising campaigns and newsletters are great for sharing content and building your email contact lists. We can help you with the technical and creative aspects of advertising via social media or search engines. We can also help you develop e-newsletters to engage with targets on a regular basis and help build a relationship with your organization. Again, success requires that you focus on user experience to develop content that will inform, delight, and build trust.


Testing and Reporting. Like any marketing strategy, your email strategy should also follow continuous improvement methodology (plan > develop > learn > improve). All email efforts should be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to help us understand what works and what doesn’t. We can also help you do A/B testing among various audiences to refine your email marketing strategy even further.

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