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Growth Driven Design: A New Way To Design For The Web

Traditional approaches to website design involve a new version every few years: revamps that are frequently over-budget, late, and based on assumptions. In the meantime, the website goes untouched. Fixed-price packages may be predictable and easy to compare, but these models rarely reveal the value of the impact an agency can have. Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a better way to organize your website redesign efforts and we’re excited to share why we think it’s a better fit for your business.

We tend to think of the website design process in two ways: traditional and GDD. Traditional website design is usually accompanied by a headache and a lot of eye-rolling. People cringe at the prospect of a website update because traditional methods are cumbersome in time and money. It’s hard to organize your team’s efforts to accommodate an intensive 3-month project, and the upfront costs are enormous.

What’s worse is that traditional web design projects usually launch over budget and overdue. And once your website is complete, traditional approaches don’t touch the project for the next 1.5-2 years. The website is created based on assumptions as opposed to real data, and since you’re not making continuous improvements, the website begins to become obsolete as soon as you launch it.


growth driven design versus traditional website design graph

Our website design process follows the basic principles of Growth Driven Design. We begin by developing a strategy of prioritized improvement for your new site so we can launch sooner and get faster results. From there we move into designing a launchpad website. Your launchpad will be custom designed by our talented in-house team and tailored to your brand. Once your new site is up, we begin the continuous improvement phase where we continue to build out your website based on your goals, monitor the web analytics for the existing new content, and present new ideas for how we can continue to further improve the site as a whole.

We focus on month-over-month improvement. Our websites become stronger as we continue to measure, iterate, and act. Our modern approach to web design is a better fit for today’s marketing challenges and produces reliable growth. The following graphic illustrates the opportunities that Growth-Driven Design provides versus the traditional approach.


growth driven design concept graphic


Website Strategy: There are two parts to our strategy phase of the GDD method. We start by facilitating a discovery meeting with our clients, where we identify their personas, develop a wishlist, and so on. Following this, we have an internal strategy meeting where our team incorporates our partner’s hopes and dreams with our expertise and applied knowledge to develop what we think will be the perfect website. All of this information is presented to our partners and signed-off on before we go full swing into the launch pad phase.

Customized Launchpad Website: The launchpad phase is where all of the strategy and design come together. The launchpad is intended to be the first trial of your new site, a literal “launch pad” for all future improvements. We build out the design on each unique wireframe and create a basic mock-up for partners to click through. Once approved, the site is off to development. We aim to have our sites up in 60-90 days.


growth driven design continuous improvement graph

Continuous Improvement: This is what makes GDD so unique and effective. After launching the launchpad website, we gather data and analytics from the site - what’s working, what’s not. Using this quantitative analysis, we make changes as necessary, in a never-ending cycle. In GDD, the intention is to experiment, learn, and improve. Always.

The first part of this process is the “Planning” stage. After launching the initial site and gathering data and analytics, we begin to evaluate our performance and revisit our goals. Is there additional data or research that we can do to make this website even better? Once we’ve gathered this information and corresponded with our marketing and sales team, we go on to brainstorm a wishlist for the next update to the site and prioritize our goals.

The “Develop” stage is where we start to implement the most impactful action items that we identified in the planning stage. This is where we like to experiment and watch the impact that our changes have on visitor engagement and track the progress. This is also when we develop the other components of our model, like social media penetration, blogs, email marketing, and so on. Marketing is an essential part of the development stage of the GDD method.

We do all of this hoping to “Learn” about the visitors to our site. Based on the data we’ve gathered from the first two stages, we can either validate or disprove any hypotheses we may have had about our visitor’s personas before beginning to create the site. We can get more specific about what our visitors are looking for and develop our content accordingly. Ultimately, the goal of everything we do is to improve the user experience (UX) so that they feel engaged and satisfied with their overall interaction. This is the most exciting part of the process because we get to observe and interact with our visitors and give them exactly what they want when they want it. Once you reach the learning stage, the only way to go is up!

The final stage of GDD is “Improve”. Based on everything that we’ve learned up to this point, we apply that knowledge to other parts of the business. Are there any patterns that have emerged from our visitors? How can we tailor our other efforts to better serve these personas? We develop recommendations and brainstorm with the team about how to transfer these ideas to other departments in order to have the greatest, most engaging impact possible.

And the cycle begins anew.

We’re right back at the planning stage, and it all starts again. This cycle repeats itself for as long as your team supports it, with every cycle bringing more improvements with it. The more cycles you complete, the better and more impactful your website will be. Learn more about your visitors and your business while also quickly turning those visitors into leads, customers, and promoters.

We are so excited to include Growth-Driven Design in our method. We have seen firsthand how powerful this approach is from a business perspective and how delighted our visitors are with our efforts. It’s a method that just makes sense, plain and simple. We’d love to share our enthusiasm with you and assist you with whatever questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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