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Growth Driven Design

Cost-effective, Agile Website Design

Generally speaking, there are two approaches to website design:  traditional web design and growth driven design. If you’re used to the traditional approach, the idea of creating or updating a website probably makes you cringe. For far too long, website design has been a time-consuming, cumbersome effort with unpredictable costs and few, if any, measurable results.

We want you to be excited about a new website. We want you to feel confident about a website strategy. And we want your site to do great things for your business. That’s why we help you do things differently.

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The Growth Driven Design Process

Our website design process follows the principles of growth driven design. The idea is to get your new site up and running quickly with a strong foundation on which to build — so you can launch sooner, stay agile, and, most important, make your digital efforts profitable.

  1. Strategy. We begin by facilitating a discovery meeting and work with you to understand your business as well as the needs and habits of your online targets. Who are your customers? What journey are they on? How can your website help them succeed? How can we help you achieve online greatness? What is your website wish list?

    With that information, our team applies expertise and best practices to your concerns, goals, hopes, and dreams to develop a strategy of prioritized improvement for your site. Think of it as a first-things-first strategy with multiple stages of small steps that will help you make steady, efficient progress — instead of waiting on one big launch date.
  2. Launch Pad Website. With a strategic plan in place, the next step is to create a launch pad website. A launch pad is built as your website base, a solid foundation from which to blast off in a variety of directions. Your launch pad will be tailored to your brand and custom-designed by our talented in-house team. It will include the visual design and a unique wireframe, with a clickable mockup. Once approved, the site goes into development. Beyond that, the continuous improvement phase begins.
  3. Continuous Improvement. As you might have guessed, growth driven design relies heavily on a continuous improvement approach. With your launchpad site, you will begin receiving data and analytics on existing content. You’ll know what’s working and what’s not. This type of quantitative analysis makes it possible to react and improve each step of the way in a never-ending cycle of getting better and better results online. The focus is on month-over-month improvement. As people find you, as your business changes, or as technology evolves, you’ll be able to measure, react, and repeat.


Continuous Improvement:  4 Steps to Improve Website Results

  1. Plan. Growth driven design requires an ongoing plan. As soon as your website is launched, we begin to gather data and analytics to evaluate performance and revisit goals as needed. That information will drive an improvement plan. We work hand-in-hand with you to review the data, brainstorm a wish list for website updates, and prioritize goals.
  2. Develop. With a plan in hand, we begin to implement action items, focusing on priority goals that will have the most impact. This is also the stage in which we develop complementary digital components, like social media, blogs, or email marketing. The “Develop” phase is a good time to experiment with new ideas to monitor changes in visitor engagement.
  3. Learn. In phase 3, we examine what we have learned so far. Data gathered in the first 2 stages will help validate or disprove any hypotheses we had about website visitors. As we gain insights, we can develop new content accordingly. This is an exciting part of the process because we get to observe visitors and learn how to give them exactly what they want when they want it.
  4. Improve. Finally, to achieve growth, insights must be applied. What have you learned about your customers? How should the website change? Should you tweak other marketing efforts? Can you apply what you’ve learned to other areas of your business? We share recommendations and brainstorm options so that digital marketing efforts can have the greatest impact.

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We are passionate about making a positive impact on the communities in which we live. We work with organizations to create websites that are both beautiful and beneficial. We truly enjoy what we do. We invite you to take a look at some of our recent work.