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Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, and Client Engagement

A redesigned website is a good start to augment your sales and marketing results. However, a new website will not magically attract qualified leads. That’s where Inbound Marketing becomes a major factor in the long-term success of your digital marketing. Recently, our team at DuBose Web in Columbia, SC has revamped our business model. In our mission to provide our clients with progressive, web-based solutions with purpose, we have introduced this new method into our digital marketing approach.

Okay, so...What is Inbound Marketing?

Technology has made traditional advertising less effective. Cold calling, spam emails, and other “interruption-based” marketing have become expensive, isn’t the best experience for the customer, is difficult to track return on your investment (ROI), and is just not helpful.
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The future of content marketing is "Inbound Marketing." Your prospective customers are researching for your services and products online and there’s been a major shift in technology to “Inbound Marketing.” This customer-centric approach focuses on your organization being “found” by customers through relevant, helpful, and valuable content that’s placed on your website. This increases the chance of potential customers finding you through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media and can expedite lead generation, customer acquisition, and client engagement.

Unlike traditional, “marketer-centric” sales approaches, inbound marketing eliminates the need to fight for potential customer’s attention. By creating digital content designed to provide solutions for your ideal customers, you attract qualified leads, build trust, and develop credibility for your business.

The Inbound Methodology is a proven methodology to successfully turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business. The following graphic illustrates the 4 stages that make up the Inbound Marketing methodology, and ultimately the conversion process:
inbound marketing process graphic

  Download Your Copy of the Inbound Marketing Checklist Here

There are four phases of the Inbound Methodology. We aim to Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight.

Attract - Your company can’t be everything to everyone, so it’s important to attract people who are most likely to become leads, and in the end, delighted customers. You can attract the right customers, with the right quality content, at the right time – when they’re searching for it.
  • Content Strategy & Blogging: Writing relevant content can generate interest and build value with your audiences. This will make people want to visit your site and you can drive them there from social media, email, search engines, and other inbound channels.
  • Social Media: Two-thirds of people on the Internet use social media and businesses can see a 63% increase in marketing effectiveness when using social media. Build a social following, share your blog posts, and drive quality traffic to your website with a strategy to convert.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Increase your web traffic from search engines by identifying keywords, optimizing your website for those keywords, routinely creating keyword-targeted content, and building quality links to your website.
  • Email Marketing: A great opportunity to share your helpful content and drive targeted audiences to your website with a goal to convert. When you send the right email, to the right audience, at the right time, you can help someone grow and do their job better, building value and increasing the opportunity of them connecting with you.

Convert - So people have visited your website - now what? The next step is converting those visitors into leads. Create the opportunity of helping them contact you for more information: creating forms to fill out, easy way to call, setting up meetings, or simply opening lines of communication so that your guests can message you or otherwise reach out. Once they are in touch, you can answer questions, build rapport, and provide helpful guidance and they progress through the sales funnel.

Close - Now you’ve attracted the right visitors, and generated the right leads - how do you turn them into the right customers for your business? Lead nurturing ensures that your lead’s needs are addressed the way that THEY want them to be. Email threads can help to establish trust with qualified leads that might still be on the fence, while internal mechanisms like predictive lead scoring and pipeline management help you to develop what methods are optimizing this experience.

Delight - Now that you have successfully taken someone through the funnel, how do you keep them satisfied so they become a promoter of your brand. We prioritize giving customers a remarkable experience every step of the way. The standards and expectations that customers hold us to are growing exponentially, which makes this step even more important in the process. It’s important to continue providing helpful, relevant, and valuable content that delights your customers and makes them successful. Then, you can ensure that they buy more, stay longer, refer their friends, and tell the world how much they love you!

So, are you excited to get involved in the world of Inbound Marketing resources that you should check out.

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