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Your Website Is A Lead Machine

Lead generation has changed. We’re living in a mobile world, with an overabundance of information and a world of options at our fingertips, any time, all the time. Customers can move from the beginning to the end of the sales funnel without speaking to anyone. Truth be told, in many cases, they can discover, research, and purchase a new product before getting out of bed in the morning.

The shift in how customers learn and act online requires a fundamental change in how organizations market to them. In the new marketing environment, your website (bolstered by other digital marketing efforts), should be your best tool. If it isn’t, you might want to consider a website update, an expanded marketing strategy, and/or an adjustment in how your organization thinks about filling the sales funnel.

Change isn’t always easy, but technology has made it much easier, and we can help you navigate the ins and outs of digital lead generation.



What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a basic marketing goal. It’s how you capture the attention of the people most likely to be interested in your message, product, or service. It’s how you encourage someone new to communicate with your organization. It’s the key to new business and essential to growth. Success requires a multi-faceted approach that dovetails with the wants, wishes, and habits of your target audience. There are more channels to use and the ability to qualify leads early in the process has improved significantly. You need to be seen where your customers are looking. And your website needs to be able to help you make the most of the attention you receive.



Why Is Lead Generation Important?

New channels, anytime access, and the breadth and depth of information available via the web have changed how lead generation happens. Old fashioned tactics may still bring in leads, but, if you’re not bringing in leads through things like content marketing, social media, and search engine optimization, you are missing important opportunities. Inbound marketing is the basis for modern lead generation. It’s the way to bring in high-quality leads and build relationships over time.



How We Do It

We’ll work with you to develop, implement, and maintain an inbound marketing strategy that generates interest and nurtures leads via multiple channels, including website, blogging, social media, email marketing, digital marketing, and pay per click (PPC) campaigns. We have inbound marketing, web design, and web development expertise to help you boost leads. And we have deep experience working with community-focused organizations to align those efforts with the favorite apps, most-used platforms, and needs of your particular customer base.

Some of the ways we help our partners generate leads:

  • Web design and development that includes strong content, a positive user experience, and strong calls to action.
  • Content marketing (search engine optimization, blogging, e-books, case studies, etc.) to build authority and demonstrate thought leadership.
  • The development of apps or other tools that can be shared to provide value to a prospective customer.
  • Leveraging review platforms (Agency Spotter, Manta, Yelp) for third-party endorsements and free search engine optimization.

the work we do

We are passionate about making a positive impact on the communities in which we live. We work with organizations to create websites that are both beautiful and beneficial. We truly enjoy what we do. We invite you to take a look at some of our recent work.