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User experience—all the ways in which real human beings interact with your brand and how your brand makes them think or share or take action—is a vital part of website design and development. When a potential customer, donor, or other key person finds your website, how do you want them to feel? Frustrated, confused, bored? Excited, delighted, inspired?

In the crowded landscape of the web, a good view or your organization doesn’t pop out by chance. And, if the right person clicks through to your site, you want to be sure that your site clicks with them. We address user experience through a careful, step-by-step process that requires your expertise and ours. The process includes strategy sessions and data-driven persona development to define your unique “user.” Every other step of your website build—information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, testing—is then completed with them in mind.



Strategy. At the start of any project, we take the time get to know your business, core values, and target audiences. When we understand your mission and the customers that mean the most to you, we immerse ourselves in your existing data and research demographics. We benchmark against competitors’ sites and examine your existing website to learn what currently draws visitors in, how they move from page to page, and what turns them away.


Persona Development. To ensure that we are all on the same page about who your website user is, we conduct a discovery meeting to discuss your key targets. Are they customers, donors, patients, students, members, or someone else? What motivates them? What are their preferred digital channels? What are their goals or frustrations? With your input and our own experience, we create data-driven user personas that become our focus for website content and functionality.


Information Architecture. Another key aspect of the user experience is your site’s information architecture. This is the structural design of your site. How will a website visitor find information? How will someone navigate from home page to a contact form? Is security appropriate for financial transactions if needed? How does content flow to provide the answers your audience is looking for and help turn visitors into leads? How is data captured? The structure of your site is the foundation of user experience.


Wireframing. You wouldn’t break ground on the building of your new home without a blueprint. For the same reasons, we don’t start building your website without a wireframe. This is a stripped-down, black-and-white graphic representation that outlines the page-by-page, app-by-app structure of your website. It allows us to focus on the bones of the site (and user experience) before putting time and resources into more time-consuming tasks like coding, content development, or graphic design.


Prototyping. With an approved wireframe, the next step is to create what we call a “prototype.” This is an interactive layout that can be used to gain a basic understanding of how the live website will function. It will not be live on the internet but will present visuals, content, and functionality to give you a realistic view of design, content, and user experience.


Testing. Finally, we will thoroughly test your new site, which begins the cycle of continuous improvement (plan > develop > learn > improve), which is the basis for growth driven design. Having the ability to learn and improve smoothly and cost-effectively is vital in today’s digital world. We will help ensure that your organization is ready to adapt to new technology, business changes, or new user insights. The testing phase is completed before your site is live so that we can discover issues and fix glitches.

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