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The DuBose Website Design Process

In today’s business world, your website design has the power to make or break your company. People flock to the Internet for all of their answers nowadays, and that includes when they are choosing whether or not to interact with and support a business.

A beautiful, well-designed site made with the user in mind will make it easier for visitors to feel inspired by your product or service. When users are satisfied with their interaction with your business, they will inevitably become customers and promoters so long as you maintain that relationship. On the other hand, a shoddy website interface will leave visitors to your site with a sour taste in their mouths—and likely result in some sour reviews about your business as well.

That’s where we at DuBose Web Group come in.

Following the Planning stage of the Growth-Driven Design approach, our team segues into the Development, Learn, and Improve phases of the project. This is when we begin to design the website your company needs while committing to your project and learning how to make it stronger.

Our goal is to optimize your site to meet current industry needs. We do this by addressing the most relevant variables of the website design process and strategizing to accommodate for each of these areas: User Experience (UX); Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Security; Multi-Device/Cross Browser Functionality; and Conversion and Lead Generation.

user experience design iconUser Experience. Perhaps the most crucial part of our design process is the user experience (UX). After all, it’s the users that bring you business—they are your most important, valuable resource. A UX strategy is critical to the foundation of the site; knowing how your customers will interact with your website and designing it for ease of use and optimal lead conversion is what will set your business apart from your competition. Visitors will know that you care about them enough to give them exactly what they want - and they will thank you.

search engine optimization iconSearch Engine Optimization (SEO). In order for your future customers to learn how awesome your business is, they have to discover you first! That’s where SEO comes in. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to how search engines like Google rank websites based on their content. Most users don’t go beyond the first page of Google results—heck, they barely go beyond the top five! Using carefully chosen keywords, alt tags and meta tags, URLs, and page titles, we help optimize your site so that it appears at the top of your ideal lead’s list.

website security iconSecurity. Of course, security is of the utmost importance. Providing your site’s visitors with a secure interface is essential to earning the trust of your future customers, which benefits everyone in the long run. Enabling an SSL on your website shows users that their information is safe and reassures them that they can feel comfortable when converting. And if security wasn’t already a top priority, it also gives you a small boost to your SEO score. Security is a failsafe, crucial part of your website’s design with no risks or questions involved.

muti-device or cross browser iconMulti-Device/Cross Browser Functionality. In today’s on-screen world, making sure your website functions smoothly across multiple platforms is a critical part of your success. The last thing anyone wants is for your beautiful, functional design to show up on your iPad as a brick of HTML code. We optimize your site so that your users can experience seamless navigation - from their Firefox or Google Chrome internet browser to their iPhone, to their Samsung tablet, to their email inbox. We will ensure that your website performs reliably, regardless of where it is being accessed.

We accomplish all of this by setting achievable goals through every step of the process. Some are necessary and non-negotiable, like security, while others are dependent on how the site performs over time as part of our continuous improvement methodology. Goal-setting is a part of every step of our process; setting realistic, attainable goals, and then having the ability to be flexible with them, is an essential part of launching a successful website.

Ultimately, all of these combined elements result in increased traffic for our clients. We design your website in such a way that guides your site visitors through their “buyer’s journey,” giving them exactly what they want at the exact moment they want it. (We’re basically psychics.)

With the help of strategically placed calls-to-action (CTAs) that call on your visitors to interact with your business, we make your visitors feel that their input is important and that their experience is unique. Users that feel like an essential, individual part of a business tend to trust that business even more…which means more leads and sales for you!

Our method has proven to generate more leads for our business affiliates, which in turn results in more customers and promoters. In doing so, we have been successful in bolstering our clientele’s presence and solidifying our lifelong relationships with the community-changing organizations throughout the Southeast.

How do we do this, you might ask?

Well, we do it together, that’s how. We start with a discovery meeting with our clients, where we establish the personas we hope to appeal to and identify our goals for the project. Once we learn about who we want to appeal to, we can outline our user experience design to suit the needs of that persona. Then our team will design a wireframe - this is basically the blueprint for your future site. We will also design styleboards, which speak to the overall trends, color schemes, and other design nuances that will be implemented in the project.

Now we create a prototype, pending your approval of the wireframe and styleboards. This is the catalyst for the continuous improvement phase of Growth-Driven Design. We design a beta version of your new site, from which we can build, learn, and develop into the site of your dreams. This is the exciting part because this is the final stage of the process. Once we present the prototype to you and get it approved, we go live.

And there you have it: a new launchpad website for your business, built with Growth-Driven Design, Inbound Marketing, and of course love from the DuBose team. We stay on top of it with important, frequent updates based on the data and analytics that we gather about the performance of your new website, for as long as you want. We revisit your goals for the project, implementing more of the improvements you want and need as part of our strategic partnership.

So, how will we design YOUR website?

Well, every company is different, as should be your website. And we plan to treat it as such. Our incredible team (read: family) of innovative, fun, skilled creators will design the ideal website for you, using the Growth-Driven Design methodology that we know works. Are you interested - dare I say, excited - to learn what your website can do for you? We’re anxious to show you; we love what we do. Check out the other articles in this section to learn more, or you can go ahead and contact us so we can tell you ourselves.

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