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Fairfield County Economic Development provides services aimed at attracting businesses to the region and supporting their growth. This includes assistance in selecting sites for new and expanding industries, relocation support, and sharing helpful facts like demographics, labor statistics, and wage and benefits surveys.

Fairfield Economic Development deliverables


the strategy

During our strategy meetings, we learned that Fairfield’s website needed to address two distinct categories of visitors: those new to the site, and those returning for more information. We felt that a simple, straightforward navigation structure would tantalize new visitors with all of Fairfield’s offerings, while also providing deeper opportunities for research by return visitors.

Services Provided:



design approach

In terms of design, we drew from Fairfield County’s natural, rustic aesthetic, while also giving a nod to the industrial nature of many of the businesses located there. While taking photographs for the site, we focused on the land, the community, and the history of the region, and we formed the site’s color palette based on these attributes. There is also a modern edge to the design, suggesting Fairfield’s progress as it moves into the spotlight as a desirable business location.

strategy, site mapping, and wireframing
During the strategy process, we identified two major goals for the site: building value within targeted industries and revealing the great quality of life offered by Fairfield County.

a style board to fit their brand
Modern primary colors are accented with a natural-toned secondary palette and rustic textures for a design that recalls Fairfield’s beauty and industry simultaneously.


the solution

Visually appealing, easy to navigate, and filled with useful information, the website we created for Fairfield County Economic Development makes a strong argument for the area’s value. Businesses considering an expansion or move there are tempted by its many incentives, and those already working out of the area can access a variety of helpful resources.

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