Where do you come up with your web designs?

Posted: Aug 30, 2012 in Personal, Web Design by Morgan

The year was 2002. I was a recent art school graduate, and with a semester of Web Design 101 in one hand and my bachelor’s degree in the other, I was on the fast track to designing sophisticated websites! Okay, maybe not that fast. My love for web design began when I found that you could put a dozen lines of code into Notepad and make a functioning website (albeit, not the prettiest website, but a website nonetheless).  I think it’s safe to say that web design standards were not very high... 

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Our Website Redesign – Part 1

Posted: Aug 03, 2012 in Personal, Web Design, Web Development by John

I knew when we started the latest redesign process that it wasn’t going to be easy. Our last redesign in 2010 had set the bar higher than before and I knew this next layout was going to require even more attention to detail and must have the “Wow” factor natively built in.  I also was fully aware that this redesign wasn’t something we’d just finish and say, “OK, it’s done...” and then never change it. It was going to be an ongoing process where we continuously added and improved things. All... 

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Résumé Lies: Don’t Get Burned!

Posted: Jul 18, 2012 in Business by Mike & Blake

By Blake DuBose and Mike DuBose It’s at the forefront of many employers’ minds: the issue of job applicants lying on résumés or applications. The subject gained worldwide attention in May 2012, following reports that Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson claimed to have degrees in accounting and computer science when he actually only had the accounting degree. USA Today and the Wall Street Journal reported that Thompson and five board members left the firm after the misrepresentation was revealed, and the... 

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14 Ways to Land Your Business in Court

Posted: Jul 18, 2012 in Business by Mike & Blake

By Blake DuBose and Mike DuBose They strike fear into the hearts of business leaders everywhere: letters and summons from the IRS, EEOC, or litigation attorneys. Organizations can spend hundreds of hours and huge amounts of money defending against these accusations, which often come out of nowhere. Employers can’t afford to be ignorant of such risks, especially as employment lawsuits continue to grow in number. The EEOC received nearly 100,000 discrimination charges nationwide in 2011, up... 

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Finding Great Employees

Posted: Jul 11, 2012 in Business, The Bottom Line by Mike & Blake

Please click here to view detailed results of the various ways we recently advertised four open positions at DuBose Web Group. With so many Americans unemployed, today’s market should theoretically teem with smart, self-motivated potential employees. Yet many employers have become picky, complaining that they can’t find good workers with the necessary skills. University of Pennsylvania business professor Peter Cappelli recently challenged this notion in The Wall Street Journal, asserting,... 

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Local Philanthropists Donate $50,000 to Save Animals’ Lives

Posted: Jun 05, 2012 in Business, Charitable, Personal by Blake

A $50,000 donation from a group of several Midlands business leaders will allow Pawmetto Lifeline to help even more homeless pets in the Midlands find permanent homes this summer.  Jan Jernigan of Morgan Stanley, Blake DuBose of DuBose Web Group, Kim Inman of Columbia Conference Center, Fowler and Carlynn Cary of CCM Investment Advisers, Stewart and Deloris Mungo of Mungo Homes, Mike and Debra DuBose of the DuBose family of companies, and Clyde, the cat, gathered to present Pawmetto Lifeline... 

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Will Leap Motion change how we design websites?

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Technology by John

Touch screens have come a long way from their initial prototypes. Hand gestures combined with other technology has really opened the door on what touch screen devices are capable of. From the iPhone to the large assortment of tablet devices and now even desktops, touchscreens are the future. But what if you didn’t even need a touchscreen at all – what if you could control your computer naturally with your hand movements. I always think of the movie, “The Minority Report” with Tom Cruise, where... 

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Business Loans: They’re Back!

Posted: May 02, 2012 in Business, The Bottom Line by Mike & Blake

By Blake DuBose and Mike DuBose USA Today Business Editor Steven Strauss once wrote, “Cash flow is your business oxygen.” Indeed, business owners need ready access to liquid cash to make payroll for their employees, pay bills, and keep their companies alive. However, many people underestimate how much money is needed to operate their businesses and suffer problems when the bank account registers empty. The best course of action is to seek more money and credit than you think you need before... 

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Making Your Business Magical

Posted: May 02, 2012 in Business, The Bottom Line by Mike & Blake

By Blake DuBose and Mike DuBose If there’s one thing Disney is known for, it’s creating magic for customers young and old alike. Walt Disney World employs nearly 60,000 “Cast Members,” the organization’s term for its employees, and entertains more than 16 million “Guests,” or customers, annually. Every cast member, from those donning Goofy suits to those cleaning the bathrooms, is expected to provide exemplary service to every guest. Cast members are inspired to make this kind of customer... 

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Is Someone Stealing from Your Business?

Posted: May 02, 2012 in Business, The Bottom Line by Mike & Blake

By Blake DuBose and Mike DuBose It’s all over the news: almost a half-million dollars is missing from the South Carolina Hospitality Association, most likely due to embezzlement. The scandal has raised many questions, like “How could that amount have disappeared without being noticed? How often do things like this happen?” The answer: more easily and more often than you’d think! According to FBI statistics, there are 726 pending fraud investigations from 2011, and the rate of such crimes has... 

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