11 Ways To Improve Email Marketing Effectiveness In 2018

By Lauren Pinckney
11 Ways To Improve Email Marketing Effectiveness In 2018

Email marketing is a tried, tested and true way to get the attention of your clients and prospects. But who’s to say those prospects are actually opening and reading the messages you send?

You can improve your open and click-through rates by following a few simple tips. Ready to get started? Here’s how you can make sure your email marketing efforts are improving your company’s bottom line.

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1. Know the rules

Before you even consider beginning an email marketing campaign, it’s essential that you know the rules … and follow them. For instance, did you know that you must include your physical address with every email you send?

Be sure to check out the FTC guidelines, and if you do nothing else, be certain that:

  • Your postal address is listed on every correspondence
  • You include a clear and easy to implement opt out option
  • Your email subjects clearly state what your email is about.

Knowing the rules is critical to the success of your email marketing campaign. If you don’t follow them, you could actually be in violation of the law!


2. Send your email from a person, not a company

Your recipient is more likely to open your email if it’s sent from a person. For example, each email here at DuBose is sent from Lauren Veres – DuBose Web Group. You’ll never receive an email from, simply, “DuBose Web Group.”

Put simply, your audience will be more willing to trust an email sent from a person than from a company.


3. Use action-inspiring subject lines

When your prospect checks her email, yours isn’t the only message she’ll find. Make your email stand out by including an action-inspiring subject line. Here are a few best practices to follow:

  • Use language that’s familiar to your audience
  • Avoid terms that can trigger spam filters
  • Don’t overdo the special characters
  • Never, ever type in all capitals
  • WeIrD CaPiTaLiZaTiOn is off limits, too

Make your prospect want to open your email by using a clear, concise subject that creates a perception of value to your reader.


4. Just say no to mass emails

There’s little less personal than a mass-mailed, blind carbon copy sent to you and a million of your closest friends. You don’t like those emails, and your customers don’t like them, either. Instead of sending a mass email that’s addressed to literally everyone in the world, putthe software to work for you. Programs like MailChimp and others can personalize emails specifically to your target reader. As an added benefit, these programs can analyze your open rates, bounce rates and click through rates.


5. Customize the actual email

Segment your email lists to target specific recipients. For instance, a realtor may choose to create one email specifically for first-time homebuyers, and another for elder adults seeking a home for retirement. Segmenting your mailing lists in this way will improve your open rate, and will help to establish trust among your readers.


6. Keep it short and sweet

Your prospects are as busy as you are. For that reason, you should strive to keep your emails as short and simple as possible. Have a lot of information to share? Great! Use your email to compel your reader to click through to an amazing landing page.


7. Include your call to action

Even the most well-written, concise and relevant email is useless without a strong call to action. By the end of your email (which should be a couple paragraphs, tops) your reader should know exactly what you want them to do. And they should want to do it!

Your call to action can be as simple as a big orange button that says “Get Started.” Whatever it is, make it easy to access on desktop and mobile devices, and place it in a location where it can’t be missed. Your reader can’t click through if they can’t find the call to action!


8. Share the love

In every email you send, add social sharing buttons. It’s really that simple to expand your list of potential customers. One prospect can quickly become four if you include sharing options for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


9. Don’t forget the plain text version

It’s hard to believe, but not everyone has HTML enabled emails. Some people actually prefer a good, old-fashioned plain text email. For that reason, be sure you clean up each email you send. Customers who don’t have HTML capabilities will be presented with a jumble of illegible code if you skip this step.


10. Keep your lists up to date

Keeping your email lists up to date entails two things:

  • Removing people who have requested to opt out (it’s the law!)
  • Continually striving to add new members to your email list

According to Hubspot, the average email list declines by as much as 25% each year. Therefore, it’s important to continually add prospects to your list.


11. Mobile is king

According to a study by Litmus Research, a full 56% of all opened emails were opened using a mobile device. Of course, that number is increasing quickly. As you create your email, test it both on a desktop and a mobile device. If either format isn’t absolutely gorgeous, try, try again.

Your email marketing campaign is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. But if no one’s opening your emails, that effort is gone to waste. In summary, your email marketing efforts should have one goal: keeping your reader’s attention. Anything less and you’re better off skipping the email marketing altogether.

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