The Pros And Cons Of PPC Marketing

By Hannah Armistead
The Pros And Cons Of PPC Marketing

Developing a pay per click content marketing strategy can be, at times, overwhelming. That’s particularly true if it’s your first time working with paid ads, or with Google Ads.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be challenging. Today, Google and other platforms are making the PPC set up process quite simple and self-explanatory. Still not sure if you want to incorporate PPC into your content marketing strategy? Here are the pros and cons to pay per click.

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PPC Pro: Immediate Visibility
From the moment you launch your paid search campaign, you’re going to attract visitors. Users who search terms you specify will see your business at the top of search results. The objective, of course, is to draw visitors to your site and convert those visitors to sales.

PPC Con: Bidding Wars
Everyone wants to be at the top of Google search results – including your competition. Bidding wars are what happens when two or more companies are vying for the same keyword ranking with their PPC campaigns. This happens, it’s just a part of the game. Just remember that this competition is secondary to your true goal: attracting traffic.

PPC Pro: Tight Budget Control
When you implement PPC into your content marketing strategy, you literally pay what you want. Include hard numbers in your budget and tell Google what you’re willing to spend per day. Using this budget control, you can more easily track your ROI.

PPC Con: You Pay for Each Click
When you launch your pay per click campaign, you pay for every ad click - whether they click through to your site or not. These clicks could be from viable prospects – or they could, simply put, be from kids who are just goofing off on the web. Either way, you pay. So make sure your keywords and ads are targeted and specific to your desired audience.

PPC Pro: Fast Results
A new website is going to take some time to generate organic traffic. You can give your site a traffic boost with a PPC ad campaign. While your site is climbing the Google search rankings, your pay per click ads will allow prospects to find you – no waiting necessary!

PPC Con: Consumers are Smart
In a nutshell, consumers have a tendency to ignore sponsored ads. In other words, they maysee your ad, but not bother to click through. Remember: that’s okay. Even seeing your business name on their screen will help build brand recognition. And you only pay for actual ad clicks, so be strategic with branding and build that ad campaign anyway!

PPC Pro: PPC is Targeted
When you launch your pay per click campaign, you’ll have an amazing opportunity to target a specific audience. Google and other platforms allow you to make your ads only visible to a certain geographical location, demographic, and more. You can even customize the time of day your ad is seen! You choose who sees your ad.

PPC Con: Inexperiences Marketing Companies
As with anything, it takes a significant amount of time and research to choose the right marketing company to work with you. Stay away from companies that are unwilling to answer questions and instead hope to take full control of your PPC campaign. You know what’s best for your company, and the ideal PPC marketing company will want to learn about your unique needs together.

PPC Pro: You Have Full Control
Your pay per click ad campaign is a truly customizable, personalized way to enhance your content marketing strategy. Choose for how long your ad will run, and how much you’ll spend. Choose your keywords, and target your desired audience. Then, if you find an ad campaign isn’t working for you, simply revise the ad and test a new campaign!


All in all, it’s up to you to determine what is the best approach for your business with content marketing. A mixture of both SEO and PPC is ideal as it allows you to customize and control your own needs better, without necessarily breaking the bank. Depending on your unique needs, PPC can be a great way to gain visibility, reach, and lead conversion in a short window of time. On the other hand, it can get expensive fast, so being well-informed is the key to success.


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