10 steps to create a digital marketing strategy

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be daunting.

Over time, developing a strategy that is right for your business’ online presence has become overly complicated, impersonal and intimidating.

We’re here to fix that.

In this free cheat sheet, we break down the whole process into 10 simple steps so you feel equipped to design a digital marketing strategy that is effective for your business! We’ve intentionally designed this guide to work for any individual, organization or business, no matter the type or size. 

1. Set Your SMART Goals

Define digital marketing goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. These goals will be how you measure the ROI of your digital marketing strategies.


2. Define and Get to Know Your Audience

Who is your current customer? Who is your ideal customer? What are these audiences’ goals, frustrations and motivations? This is the foundation of everything you do digitally, so invest quality time here.


3. Monitor Your Competitors’ Online Marketing

Conduct a competitor analysis by reviewing your main competitors’ websites and social platforms. Take note of what’s successful and where there is opportunity in the market.


4. Optimize Your Website

Use keywords targeted towards your ideal audience within headers, subheaders, meta descriptions, URLs and overall website copy. Using a keyword research tool like Serpstat can be extremely helpful.


5. Develop a Digital Content Strategy

Determine what kinds of content would be valuable for your ideal audience and develop a digital content strategy. What is the goal you want to achieve with content? How will you reach your ideal audience? What are they interested in learning about? Get to writing!


6. Increase Engagement with Social Media

Decide what social platforms are right for your business, its goals and its ideal audiences. The most common platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Create a social calendar to plan when and what you will be posting on these platforms, and take time weekly to engage with current and potential customers.


7. Use Landing Pages To Increase Visitors and Convert Leads

Offer something relevant and helpful to a website visitor in exchange for their contact information. This could be anything from a discount on products to an eBook to a template. Keep the information on this page targeted and brief, and make sure your call-to-action is strong.


8. Supplement with Paid Advertising

Is search engine advertising, social media advertising or both a good fit for your business? Paid advertising is a quick and effective way to attract qualified traffic to your site, and potentially increase leads.


9. Nurture Leads with Digital Marketing Best Practices

Build an email marketing list through blog posts, social media, offers and more. Develop email marketing campaigns that are relevant, compelling and encourage the readers to take action on something.


10. Nurture Leads with Digital Marketing Best Practices

Use a tool like Google Analytics to check how your digital efforts are paying off. Reviewing your analytics weekly or monthly provides valuable data that can help steer your digital strategy in the right direction.

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