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Signs You Need to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Signs You Need to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

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You’ve brainstormed some incredible marketing ideas and have a detailed action plan of all the digital initiatives you want to put in place for your business this year, but what now? Have you thought about your team’s capacity, and what they are equipped to take on from a marketing perspective?

It’s one thing to come up with good ideas, but another to put them into action. There’s a chance you may need some outside assistance to help you reach your marketing goals.

Here’s how to know. 

Marketing is going on the back burner.

It’s easy to remain laser-focused on your product or service, and making it the best it can be. There’s a lot that goes into building and running a successful business, and it’s understandable that urgent tasks that have an immediate impact will take precedence over marketing.

Digital marketing is a long-term, strategic effort, making it something that is easy to put off consistently. Without marketing though, your product or service can’t reach its full potential. Marketing is what will increase brand recognition. An agency focuses solely on your marketing strategy, allowing to continue to focus on your product. 

You don’t know where to start.

Since the rise of digital marketing, there are a variety of elements to consider when creating a strategic marketing plan. From using SEO and keyword research to promote your brand, to social media specialization, to designing an attractive landing page for your site, it can be overwhelming and intimidating. Digital marketing agencies offer specialists in each field who will assess your company’s needs and will work with you to build a personalized plan based off where your company has the biggest opportunities to grow. 

Your team isn’t well-versed in marketing.

Your team can be spread thin trying to tackle marketing tasks along with their daily responsibilities, and taking the time to learn about marketing can take away from your team accomplishing other goals. Recognizing your team doesn’t have as much knowledge in marketing as other areas of business is the first step to opening doors for your company to improve. Agencies are highly trained in marketing techniques and trends, allowing your team to return to focusing on their areas of expertise. 

You’re lacking quality leads.

Do you feel that even though your sales team is producing high-quality work, your company still isn’t generating the leads you would like? It can be frustrating for your team to see a lack of return on their effort. A marketing agency can work with your sales team to build a plan that incorporates their sales process into marketing strategies which guides good leads directly to them. This saves time when finding good leads and allows your sales team to better utilize their skills. 

Sales are stagnant or going down.

If your sales have appeared to plateau or even decrease recently, it could be due to a lack of effective marketing. Marketing and sales are a codependent relationship. If there isn’t a cohesive relationship between marketing strategy and sales strategy, this will appear in sales numbers. Digital marketing agencies will help your company maintain an effective relationship between sales and marketing.  Ultimately, the goal of a marketing agency is to increase revenue by improving brand recognition and increasing traffic on your company’s website, blog and social media pages. 

Your competitor is working with an agency.

If your competitor is working with an agency, they are already ahead of the curve. A digital marketing agency can transform a company overnight. By working with a marketing agency, your company is given a team with a fresh perspective on your company with a diversity of ideas and skills. An agency will boost your sales revenue and refine your brand message. Working with an agency is a pivotal part of staying ahead of your competition. 

You’re shooting in the dark.

Let’s be honest. Your business is your primary focus. No matter your industry, that’s been your priority for years. You haven’t had the time, or possibly the desire, to learn about digital marketing. It’s possible you’re not sure where to start, or maybe you’re having trouble setting digital marketing goals for your business. That’s a sure sign you need to hire a digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing agencies are specialists. Just as you keep up to date with the trends of your industry, a digital marketing agency can help guide you to set goals, to implement a plan to reach those goals and to re-evaluate your strategy when necessary.

Whether you’re just beginning to implement a digital marketing strategy or your previous attempts have fallen flat, consider hiring specialists to assist you with your online marketing efforts.