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The Disney Approach to Customer Service Excellence - Creating Magic for Everyone

The Disney Approach to Customer Service Excellence - Creating Magic for Everyone

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In a world where customer service can make or break a business, there's one company that stands out above the rest for its exceptional dedication to creating magical experiences - Disney. From the moment you step into the park, you are filled with awe and wonder. It’s almost as if you are transported to a new world.

What sets Disney apart? How does it manage to attract millions of people year after year? The answer is simple - dedication to customer service and experience above all else.

From the friendly, joyful cast members who go out of their way to ensure you are taken care of, the cleanliness of the parks, and the impeccable attention to detail, it’s philosophy rings true - ‘every interaction is an opportunity to create magic!’

Even if you have never set foot in a Disney park, if you have engaged with the brand in any way, the experience is the same and the dedication to customer experience shines through.

So what can we learn from Disney? Here are four takeaways applicable to any business or organization:

1. Prioritize the customer.

If you have a problem or question, the Disney cast member is engaged, friendly, and seems to genuinely care about getting your issue resolved. Here at DuBose Web, we want our customers to truly feel like we are an extension of their team. We focus on quick resolution of issues, building strategies that deliver successful results, and providing the tools necessary for them to execute those strategies internally. We also make it a point to build community with our customers. We are intentional, not transactional, because we truly desire to use our gifts to bless others. It is our hope that our customers feel like they are only one.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of details.

Disney’s rides are well-built and high quality. The designs are sharp and their attention to detail is spot-on. The park is always clean and buttoned up, everything is freshly painted, there’s no trash laying around, and very little dysfunctions are visible. Remembering the details and anticipating the needs of our customers requires one thing - intention. In today’s world, we are constantly distracted by all of the ‘digital noise.’ Notifications from social media, news, podcasts, music, emails, Zoom calls - the list goes on and on. All of these things aren’t inherently bad; however, they can take away from the time we have to be intentional and go that extra mile. Our leadership has done an excellent job of investing in tools that help our agency run effectively and efficiently, ensuring that we don’t miss a beat. Our processes and tools keeps us focused on the tasks at hand, and focus on the small details that add up and set DuBose Web apart from other web design and development companies.

3. Communication is KEY.

Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh, said it best, “A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.”

There are always long lines, but Disney does a great job of communicating your wait time, has distractions along the way, and are masters of splitting it up so you feel like you are always moving. Communication can change the experience. Our team prides itself on communication. We are in constant conversation with our customers and each other. We never want our customers to feel like they are in the dark, so we have put rhythms in place to ensure our customers are always in the loop and our team always knows what everyone is working on. Being fully remote, our team has to be extra intentional (there’s that word again) about communication. We have team meetings every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to review projects and deliverables. We clearly communicate expectations as a way of keeping everyone on the same page during the entire process. We invite our customers to step into the project with us, so we can all cross the finish line joyfully together. 

4. Have a plan to include those with superpowers. (ADA accessibility)

From special parking, designated seats on several rides in the park, and scooters to get around, Disney is sure to include those with special abilities in the magic experience. The digital world needs spaces for everyone to thrive, with or without disabilities. We ensure that our website is designed with accessibility and usability in mind. Features such as color contrast, bigger text compatibility, keyboard shortcuts, and more can reduce the frustration that some users may feel during their user experience. You will reach more people simply by ensuring your website is as inclusive as possible.

The digital world is fierce and competition abounds, but when you take a page out of Disney’s storybook, you will likely see your customers choosing you time and time again.

Use your gifts to create magic for others!

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