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Newberry College


Higher Education

Services Provided

Digital Strategy, User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI), Content Strategy, Full Stack Website Development, ADA Compliance, Hosting & Monitoring, Ongoing Website Support, Continuous Website Improvement, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What we did

Our team determined that the best way to meet the objective of engaging prospective students, current students, and alumni was to create a dynamic user experience that was as visually engaging as it was user-friendly. 

To build a solid foundation, we looked at their website from the perspectives of those who would experience it. Through data-first research and forward-thinking strategy, we developed a custom experience that meets the demands of their dynamic audiences. We then complemented the user experience with a bold user interface that focuses on telling the college’s story through compelling images and a modern, bold web design aesthetic. 

The final product immediately conveys Newberry College’s outstanding features to all visitors, while also inviting past, present, and future students to delve deeper into their own intuitive, personalized web experience through the site.

Screenshot #1 for the project
Screenshot #2 for the project Screenshot #3 for the project

The DuBose Web Group has been a partner for Newberry College for many years. I l appreciate the data research that helped us redesign our website to improve the user experience for many audiences. The staff are responsive and always come prepared with best practices in higher education.

Lori Ann Summers, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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